I made this form to organize my notes and give feedback for speaking assessments. I like to use this instead of rubrics for assessments in which students are speaking 1:1 with me because I think that it gives them very detailed feedback that is specific to them. It helps me, as the adjudicator, to organize my thoughts and make sure that I am giving well-rounded feedback…if such a thing exists!

In the “requirements” column, I list everything that the students are required to include/complete (ex: time limit, specific vocabulary words or grammatical structures, topics, etc.) before I make copies of the document. Then, I check them off as students meet them.

In the “Impress Me!” box, I write down any words or structures that students include that are impressive for their level.

In the “Things to work on” box, I make notes about mistakes that students make–words that they say in English or confuse for other words, structures that they mess up, etc.

In the “Ideas and Organization” box, I say whether their overall speech made sense or if it was disorganized or unclear.

In the “Fluency” box, I mark whether or not they are speaking fluidly, with few pauses or hesitations, and if they are using conjunctions and transitions or using only short, choppy sentences.

In the “Pronunciation” box, I make comments about their pronunciation. Obviously.

I summarize my comments at the bottom and include their score.

Here is the form: Speaking assessment notes

If you’d like the editable Pages version of the document, so that you can type in your requirements instead of handwriting them, please email me (see the “About Me” page for my contact info).

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