This TPRS® story script is perfect for -AR verbs and for exposing students to Direct Object Pronouns. Download complete lesson plans for this story script in Somos 1 Unit 8.


  1. busca – s/he looks for
  2. encuentra – s/he finds
  3. sabes – you know


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Leroy has a dog but he can’t find it. He asks his dad, “Dad, do you know where my dog is?” His dad responds, “I don’t know. Look for it in your bedroom”. Leroy looks for it in his bedroom, but he doesn’t find it. What he DOES find is dirty underwear, but he doesn’t want dirty underwear. He wants his dog. So he asks his mom, “Mom, do you know where my dog is?” His mom responds, “I don’t know. Look for it in the kitchen”. Leroy looks for the dog in the kitchen, but he doesn’t find it. What he DOES find is a rotten apple, but he doesn’t want a rotten apple. He wants his dog. Finally, Leroy asks his friend Ricardo, “Ricardo, do you know where my dog is?” Ricardo responds, “Of course! Your dog is in my stomach. I ate it because I was really hungry”….


Download lesson plans to work with this story in class and use it to preload vocabulary for a content-based unit about La comida latina:

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  1. you are the most creative, organized, and motivating teacher i have ever met on line. thank you for sharing so consistenly with us! how do you find the time to write? how many times per week do you see your students? i am amazed and overwhelmed with what i am not doing! i’m so happy to read your entries…and then feel so bad about my own lack of sharing! would love to hear from you on these thoughts! t.

    1. Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I must put on a good face online; in real life I am a mess!! One of my favorite things in life is creating electronic documents, so being on the computer and creating things is relaxing for me–I know, it must be some kind of a disorder, right?? Once I’ve made plans and typed them for my lesson plan binder, it really doesn’t take any extra time to post them online. It seems like such a waste for me to spend so much time creating materials and developing plans, only to have them used one time each year–especially when there are thousands of teachers out there trying to make plans for the same thing. I see my students every day (so, 5 days/week) for 45 minutes. Happy Wednesday 🙂

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