This is a great way to get your students thinking logically. They will need to put themselves in order based on a series of clues that you read to them (download a template for the clues here.)
Begin by assigning students to groups of four. If there are extra students, they can be the“director”for a group or they can rotate in. A director is in charge of placing all of the other team members, who must do exactly as the director says without arguing. Students could take turns being the director for their group.

Choose four related (or not) vocabulary terms and assign one to each student. Students should hold pictures (pre-made or student-created) of the vocabulary term that they represent in front of them so that you can identify at a glance which student represents which term. You could also sentences and describe to students the order in which they occurred (it could get silly!). This would be a great way to get additional reps on a familiar story. In the past, I have used “unicorn, monster, werewolf, and dinosaur”.

Assign one term or sentence each to A, B, C, and D, and then fill in the blanks of all of the line-ups that you plan to use (this will make it so you do not have to think so hard later on).

Read each new piece of information to the students slowly, allowing them to think through it before adding the next piece of information and re-adjusting their line-up. Check answers at the end.

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  1. Martina,
    Sorry if I am just missing something but I am confused about the instructions. I get that the kids all have a picture of something but don’t understand what happens after that. If they know who they are, what is the object of the game?

    1. They need to figure out the order in which they should stand. So, for example, maybe the order is supposed to be (L-R) Lion, Bear, Monkey, Frog. The clues would say “The lion is not next to the frog”, “the bear is immediately before the monkey”, “The frog is next to the monkey” and the kids need to rearrange themselves until they have all the clues needed to be in the correct order. Does that make sense or am I still explaining it poorly? It makes sense when you already know what’s supposed to be done, haha!!

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