Kristin Dahl recently modeled for us a One Word Image at our First Fridays PLC. She learned it from Ben Slavic, who has blogged about it quite a bit. It is a version of TPRS, and the teacher uses all of the same techniques. However, it is more about the character than the story. Begin by deciding WHAT you want the character to be. An inanimate object is best, but animals and creatures work well too. Typically One Word Image characters are not people. Ask questions to have your students come up with a description–very detailed and probably a little bizarre–of the character. Then, start building a story. What does your character do? Why?

Our first One Word Image was Supervaca. She is a crime-fighting cow that squirts flaming hot sauce out of her teats! We had so much fun with Supervaca that now she makes appearances in our stories, and one of my students even sculpted me a little Supervaca in art class!!

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