My dad and grandma are in town visiting right now, but I have been feeling the itch to get into my classroom and begin setting it up before classes begin on August 22. I snuck away for a few hours yesterday morning and put up all of the permanent posters that will adorn my walls this year.

Use your walls!

Our walls our one of our greatest resources in supporting comprehension for our students. My walls are filled with posters that I reference regularly at the beginning of the year, and that we use less and less as the year goes on.

By posting frequently used words on the board that carry little meaning on their own but that make a big impact on overall comprehension (think conjunctions, prepositions, etc.), I eliminate the need to teach them explicitly. They come up constantly, naturally, and I can point to them whenever I use them. Quickly, students do not need me to point to them, but they remain present for students to use when they are producing language (speaking or writing).

Must-have posters for spanish classes: Post important, small words on your language classroom walls to support comprehension!

Some of the vocabulary is designed to help my students narrate, and some will help them understand, respond to, and ask critical thinking questions.

Get these must-have posters for language classes!

All posters are available FREE to download from our Subscriber Library. Look in the “Posters” folder!

Check out the word wall signs for Spanish class!

The first two are the Compare and Contrast Signs and the Narrative Vocabulary sign (please excuse the error with later/finally/at last…it is corrected in the file and in my classroom, I just didn’t take a new photo!):

Next, these three signs: Conjunctions and prepositions, Common storytelling words, and Vocabulary for Academic Writing

These Standards Based Assessment posters are so that my students understand the grades they receive: 

These Question Words Posters (along with the “hay – there is/there are” poster, not pictured) are the most important in my room.

The Expressing Opinions is new this year, and I hope that its presence will encourage me to up the reps of these structures and that their accessibility will encourage students to use them more often.

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  1. I love the posters you made and the photos you took to show us. I have always wanted to have posters like these, but never had the time to sit down and make them. Is there any chance you have these typed up in a document and could share them so I don’t have to reype them? I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

  2. OOPS….I feel foolish, I see that you left your email on the top of the message. Must have skipped over that because I got so excited about the posters. Disregard my first reply. Thanks, Stacey

  3. Hi Martina,

    I love your blog and am a devoted follower! I have been struggling with how to get a Word Wall going and I think your posters are a perfect place to begin. I would love it if you could send me the files so I acan get started with the cutting and pasting!!
    Mil gracias!
    Michelle in Vancouver Canada

  4. Great posters. Not only are they helpful cues/guides for students, but they’re visually super nice as well. A nice reminder to revamp my classroom before school starts. As always, thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for reminding that I have to get on the French version of those; I really like the second set and hope the kids will make good use of it. I better hurry up, only have a couple of weeks left. Yikes!

  6. I love the posters as well! 🙂 I’m going to spend my whole work day looking at your site. It is wonderful!! I tried the Pingback link for the posters and it didn’t work 🙁 I’m not sure what to do next, but would love to download the posters.

    1. Hmm…not sure about the pingback (I don’t even see one anymore…weird). To download the posters, click on the red text within the post–any red text is a link; in this case, a link to the file. Hope that works!

  7. Martina:
    Could you send me an editable version of these? Especially the Common Storytelling Words and Conjunctions and Prepositions. Thank you!

    1. You might want to check the sequence poster. It seems like “later, finally, and at last” are mixed up :/

      1. So true! I have been staring at that incorrect poster on my back wall all year, thinking, “I really need to fix that…” but haven’t gotten around to it. And since these are PDFs, I REALLY need to update them on the site. Thanks for the reminder…maybe today will be the day! Maybe…

  8. I hated to even mention it, but since others are copying . . . . you could change the language! 😀 hahaha. Is that something a student could do for you? That’s what I try to do. Happy Friday.

    1. I DID IT!! WOOHOO! And I crossed it off my to-do list! Well…I changed the file on the site anyway, and printed out the corrected poster for myself….just need to have a kid fix it, as you suggested. Can you laminate over lamination??

  9. Hi! These are amazing. I am using them in my classroom this year (I just transitioned from all French to almost all Spanish) and was wondering what the font is? I want to add a few other posters and I’d like them to match. 🙂 Yes, I am THAT girl…

      1. Thanks so much! 🙂 I have several martinabex originals waiting to be laminated! 🙂

  10. Hola Martina,
    I noticed in one of the pictures from your classroom (I think it was on a blog post about an Esperanza writing activity where the students recorded answers to questions on huge post-it notes around the classroom) that you had a set of Subject Pronoun posters. Would you happen to have a file of them that you wouldn’t mind sharing? Thanks for all your hard work on CI/TPRS. It’s making my upcoming switch from traditional methods a lot less intimidating.

  11. Your classroom looks great! Thanks for sharing your ideas and your documents. My classroom will look much better this year as a result.

  12. Hi Martina! I love the posters and was wondering: Do you cover them up when giving assessments? Thanks SO much for sharing!

  13. I cannot thank you enough for providing so many materials for educators! I am in my early years as a language teacher and want to begin TPRS and CI this year for my Spanish 1B and possibly Spanish 2 students. These posters have saved me SO much time from searching and creating a similar version.

  14. Thanks Martina! These are wonderful. I’m a French teacher and would love a set in French. Has anyone done these in French? Thought I’d check before trying to do my own.

  15. Hi Martina,

    Thank you for the wonderful products and support! I have several (ok, a lot? lol) and love them, including Garbanzo which my students also love!!
    Is it possible you would provide editable versions of your posters for sale on TPT? These are so clear and look amazing, but I need to make some changes specific to our classroom, such as the accent mark poster. The instructions are different for Chromebooks (no Option key…). I also like for mine to match as someone previously noted and would like to do some color code matching and maybe remove a few of the extra graphics from the question word posters for my AU students, if that makes sense.

    Fingers crossed for new TPT listings and thank you again!

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