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  1. camina – s/he walks
  2. corre – s/he runs
  3. ve – s/he sees


  1. Bob camina a Costco con su mamá. Bob walks to Costco with his mom.
  2. Linda corre rápidamente. Linda runs fast.
  3. Martin ve un elefante. Martin sees an elephant.
  4. Mi madre camina porque es buen ejercicio. My mom walks because it’s good exercise.
  5. El león corre en la jungla. The lion runs in the jungle.


  1. ¿Quién camina a la clase de español? Who walks to Spanish class?
  2. ¿Usain Bolt corre rápidamente? Does Usain Bolt run fast?
  3. ¿Los bebés corren mucho? Do babies run a lot?
  4. ¿Tu mamá ve los mensajes de texto de tus amigos? Does your mom see the text messages from your mom?
  5. ¿Muchos estudiantes caminan a la escuela? Do many students walk to school?


  1. ¿(El león, la cebra, elefante, rinocerante, etc.) corre rápidamente? Does (a lion, zebra, elephant, rhinocerous etc.) run fast?
  2. ¿Caminas regularmente a (McDonald’s, Costco, Red Apple, etc.)? Do you regularly walk to (McDonald’s, Costco, Red Apple, etc.)?
  3. ¿A quién ves en la cafetería? Who do you see in the cafeteria?
  4. ¿Cuántos (estudiantes, diccionarios, computadoras, televisores, etc.) ves? How many (students, dictionaries, computers, TV sets, etc.) do you see?
  5. ¿Tú corres mucho en la clase de (educación física, ciencias, matemáticas, inglés, etc.)? Do you run a lot in (PE, science, math, English) class?
  6. ¿(Student 1) corre más rápidamente que (student 2)? Does (student 1) run faster than (student 2)? Have a race outside!!


Charlotte es una muchacha muy inteligente. Ella es estudiante de Clark Middle School. Un día, ella camina a Clark Middle School y ve a una persona muy especial. ¡Es Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber es muy atractivo. Justin Bieber no camina a Clark; Justin Bieber corre a un concierto. Justin ve a Charlotte. Charlotte es atractiva. Justin camina con Charlotte. Charlotte dice, «Hola Justin Bieber» y Justin Bieber responde, «¿Cómo estás?». Charlotte responde, «Estoy bien». Justin Bieber canta «Bebé». Charlotte está muy nerviosa y vomita. Entonces, Charlotte corre en la otra dirección. Justin Bieber está muy triste.


Charlotte is a very intelligent girl. She is a student at Clark Middle School. One day, she walks to Clark and sees a very special person. It is Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber is very attractive. Justin Bieber doesn’t walk to Clark; Justin Bieber runs to a concert. Justin sees Charlotte. Charlotte is attractive. Justin walks with Charlotte. Charlotte says, “Hi Justin Bieber”, and Justin Bieber responds, “How are you?” Charlotte responds, “I’m well”. Justin sings “Baby”. Charlotte is very nervous and vomits. Then, Charlotte runs in the other direction. Justin Bieber is very sad.

CC-BY-SA 2010 Andrew Bowden

4 replies on “Camina y corre script

  1. Martina; Last semester I found this activity towards the end of our semester. It seemed interesting and eventhough the students were, what I considered, ahead of this since I did some LICT stories, the students really enjoyed this activity and the one that follows. I am starting a new semester and I see that you recommend Carol Gaab’s First Two Weeks. HOw do you incorporate this activity and Cierra la Puerta with her first two weeks?
    Your blog has been so helpful as I begin my journey into TPRS.
    Nancy Wallace

    1. Nancy, Glad that you are finding these activities useful! I don’t mix these with Carol’s First Two Weeks; I use these (pulled from her FTW) instead of it. I need to slow down each of her daily lessons from that packet because of my students’ age and our short class periods. If you want to continue with her article but with a similar rhythm to my adaptations, just slow down each of the daily lessons that she outlines and expand them. Hope that helps 🙂

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