When I began blogging a year and a half ago, one of the first script/lesson plan combos that I posted was a set for El Chico del apartamento 512 by Selena. Now that I am almost two years older and wiser, I am working on re-writing them. If you have the old ones, throw them out and make way for the new!! This is the new script. It is simplified, and I changed one of the target structures from “sigue caminando por el pasillo” (keeps walking down the hall) to “piensa que” (s/he thinks that) because, let’s face it, “sigue caminando por el pasillo” isn’t exactly high frequency. I’ll be posting the rest of the plans over the next few days as I polish them up.

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  1. el hombre piensa que- the man
  2. quieres salir conmigo – do you want to go out with me?
  3. una mujer bonita – a pretty woman



Jenny is a very pretty woman. She lives alone in an apartment. The number of her apartment is 503.

Many men live in her apartment building. Every day, the men talk with her. The man from apt 520 says, I’m waiting for you! Will you go out with me? But Jenny thinks that he smells bad and needs to bathe. Jenny doesn’t respond and goes to her apartment.

 Another man lives in Apt 516. He sees Jenny and says, You are very pretty. Do you want to go out with me? Jenny talks with the man, but she thinks that he is boring. She says to him, GOODBYE! And goes to her apartment.

Suddenly, a man comes out of the elevator. He is handsome and tall. Jenny says, Good afternoon! But the man doesn’t respond. The man doesn’t talk with Jenny. She thinks that the man is mysterious. The mysterious man opens the door of apartment 512 and enters. Jenny is very sad. She thinks about the mysterious man all day and all night.

 The next day, Jenny sees the man from Apt 506 and he talks with her. He says, Come here, beautiful! Do you want to go out with me? But Jenny thinks that he is old, and she doensn’t talk to him. She only thinks about the mysterious man. She looks for the mysterious man, but he is never there. At last, Jenny goes to the man’s apartment and knocks on the door. A girl opens the door. Jenny feels very sad. Jenny thinks that the girl is the girlfriend of the mysterious man. But suddenly, the girl asks her, Do you want to talk with my brother? The mysterious man is the girl’s brother! She says, Yes! We are friends! The mysterious man comes to the door and says, My name is Fernando and you are beautiful. Do you want to go out with me?



8 replies on “El Chico del apartamento 512 Script

  1. It seems like my students had already learned, “Piensa” at that point so it was a great story for repetitions of that! It completely makes sense that you would review that. I was trying to think of some more structures in the song that might be more useful in the story as well since “sigue caminando por el pasillo.” But I thought you did a wonderful job the first time! Did you ever get to try out my PowerPoint?

    1. Unfortunately, no, I haven’t! I have not taught it since you sent the powerpoint to me. Should be in a few weeks here, though. Maybe I will add the old script to the bottom of this page for those people that want to use the more advanced structure. “Sigue” is a great word to know, after all. I am teaching it with Level 1’s at the beginning of the second quarter, but if it is taught in upper levels the other structures would be better. Isn’t TPRS the best?! So easy to adapt our plans 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m trying to figure out a way to teach this without so much emphasis on beauty. We created a mini story focusing on a girl who is athletic and smart. Anybody else going in this direction?

    1. We solved this problem! I actually need to update the script because we totally changed it! Do you own the Flex curriculum? It’s already been updated in Somos 1 Unit 13 Flex, and I’ll be pushing out the updates to the blog and to the original unit within the coming months!

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