One of the first lesson plans that I posted on this blog several years ago was for a unit based on the song ‘El chico del apartamento 512’. I’ve learned a lot about TPRS and unit planning since then, so I am now posting a new and (I think) improved unit (click here to download it). The target structures are ‘el hombre piensa que’, ‘una mujer bonita’, and ‘¿quieres salir conmigo?’. In addition to linking the story with the song, students will learn about the tradition of the piropo AND, through the use of authentic resources, will have the opportunity to engage in the discussion about the appropriateness of piropos, and how they relate to the topics of sexual harassment and sexism. Can you believe that all of that is possible in a level one Spanish class? TPRS is the bomb-diggity!!

Here is a link to the script, with a translation into English, if you do not teach Spanish.

Here is the Piropos PDF referenced in my lesson plans. Thanks to Señor Jordan, in particular, for creating many of the piropo memes that it contains!!

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