UnknownThis script was inspired by the song “Llueve el amor”–only in that it uses three high frequency structures from the song (hay que – you have to, vuelve a – goes back/returns to, and poco a poco – little by little). It turned into quite the unit, however, when I realized that it was easy to use those structures to talk about the tradition of the Siesta in Spain! I love how TPRS allows us to access cultural knowledge and acquire language simultaneously!! With the addition of the structure ‘se aburre – s/he becomes bored’ – this also makes a good unit to preface (or follow) a lesson on reflexive verbs.

Here is Hay que estudiar script (in Spanish and English), and here are complete lesson plans for the Siesta unit.

If you only want to use the song lyrics, you can download a lyrics sheet with CLOZE lyrics and a short reading/writing interpretation activity on my TpT page by searching for “Llueve el amor”.

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