Love Recipe

Julia used this short to do several MovieTalk demos in French at TPRS gatherings here in Anchorage, and she MovieTalked it to my students in Spanish. It is great to include in any unit about cooking, dating, getting ready/reflexive verbs, or house and home vocab.

I used it to do a targeted study of reflexive vs. non-reflexive verbs by highlighting arregla/se arregla, pone/se pone, and pesa/se pesa. I created a reading and a Jeopardy game, as well as some intro activities and a formative assessments to go along with it. Download the four-day plans that I used here!

10 thoughts on “Love Recipe

  1. Nathan Lutz says:

    Can you refer me to a primer on Movie Talk? I’d like to learn more. I have ok clue what it is! THANKS!

  2. Janet Welsh Crossley says:

    Help! I bought the plans, but we are PC-based, and the IT guy says we didn’t buy the Mac pages package as we are all Microsoft Office based. So he says I cannot even unzip your package. Please send me a PC-version.

  3. Jana Fairbanks BIG FAN OF YOURS :) says:

    Help me too! I also bought the plans and am having trouble opening the files. I’ve already called in the experts as well. Thanks!

  4. LaToya Greenwood says:

    I can’t open zip files on my computer or chrome book either. What I do is download it from my Smart Phone (Android) , I extract it on my phone–transfer it to my google drive. When I open my google drive on my chrome book or PC my files are there and ready to be opened. I was just really frustrated by not being able to open files–I played around until I was able to find a way. Hope this helps someone!

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