Back to teaching, that is. I am going to have the best of both worlds this fall–at least I hope that’s how it ends up!

I have just accepted a Spanish teaching position at the school run by my church, Birchwood Christian School, for two periods per day–one period for middle schoolers and one for high schoolers. It will be right after lunch, so I still have mornings home with my guys, and I can bring them along with me! Ellis, my 19mo, will take his daily nap in an empty office, and Leland, my 3mo, will hopefully do the same–or he’ll be learning Spanish along with my students from the Ergo! I am excited to be teaching without missing out on time with my boys. I just hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew!

Time to dig out my classroom posters and pizzazz from the crawlspace…it didn’t stay down there long at all!

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  1. So glad for you! Teaching and being able to take care of your own kids. Sounds like God is so loving. Your students will be blessed by the gift of language.

  2. Sounds great! I also teach in a Christian school, and I really like it there. I have a lot of freedom to teach the way I think is best, for one thing. And my kids are there. And the tuition breaks are awesome!

  3. so happy you will be in the teaching role…i learn so much from you! suerte y muchas bendiciones este ano…ja ja ja…still havent learned how to put accents on with ipad!
    maestra tere

    1. ¡Hola, Tere!

      Si mantienes presionada la tecla de la letra que quieres usar en el teclado de tu iPad, opciones para otros carácteres relacionados con esa letra aparecerán. Desde esas opciones puedes elegir el carácter accentuado que deseas usar. I hope that helps with the accents on your iPad!

  4. Hi Martina!

    That’s wonderful news! I am new to your blog and to TPRS, and I have found great ideas on your blog in such a short period of time! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work, as well as for being honest in your posts and bio. It is encouraging!

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