When you know that you should say “no” to something, it’s best to just say “NO!”, no matter how guilty you feel for doing it.

Just five weeks into the school year, my job is not working out for my family. The boys haven’t been sleeping, so my sister started watching them. Then, she got a job. So I spoke to the principal today to let her know that I will not be able to finish out the school year at BCS.

SO that means that they are looking for a replacement, and I will continue to teach until they find one. The job is 12-1:40 each day; two classes. It is a dream job. The kids are extremely bright and well-behaved. The staff at the school is fantastic, and the atmosphere is positive and supportive. You don’t need to be certified to teach, but you do need to be a Christian that agrees with the statement of faith, which can be found here: http://www.birchwoodchristianschool.org/site/about_whatwebelieve.php

If you or anyone you know is in or moving to Alaska (the school is  just 15 minutes from the military bases in Anchorage), speaks Spanish, and might be interested, please email me at martinaebex@gmail.com. I am confident that God is telling me to quit, so I am confident that He will bring a replacement. I’m just hoping it is soon!

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  1. I’m sorry for the students, but not for you! As I said before, you can never get these years back. You will be able to teach for many years if it is the Lord’s
    will. God bless you and your family. Have fun with those precious gifts!

  2. I have greatly enjoyed your posts and have wondered how you have so much time to spend making such incredible lesson plans. I have a similar job at a Christian school teaching French. You must follow the Lord’s leading and raising your children is number one priority! I stayed home as much as possible when my boys were young and I don’t regret it.

  3. I remember making a similar decision when my kids were young. It was heart-wrenching for me to leave my job–I felt I would lose my identity. But once I did it, it was a big relief to be able to be home with the kids and I never regretted it. I pray your school can find the right replacement for you soon.

  4. Hi Martina,
    From reading your posts I thought you had worked full-time for years and years (that’s a compliment)! I took a year off when I had my first child, and going back was one of the hardest things I ever did. I was only on the job then for a couple months when a new job for my husband (he’d been out of work a long time) forced a move 15+ hours away (yeah, we could have lived apart from early Dec. to late May, but I would have been ready for the loony bin). What I do regret is not finishing my certification, and not going back to school sooner to get it, so if you have it, keep it current and save yourself beaucoup hassle. Bottom line is you make the best decision you can given your situation. If it is too stressful, then it’s too stressful. There are different issues involved with staying at home. But I think you will be glad in the end that you were the one to raise your children at this point in their lives. We can “talk” more if you like, email me. It sounds like a great place to teach, can they move to Northeast Ohio?? oh darn it’s Spanish….I do French…..Anyway, best wishes as you make this transition!

  5. Good luck and thanks for all you do and share! I hope you continue to blog and flex your creativity…you have been and will still be able to impact thousands of students through the teachers you help grow.

  6. I teach Spanish using TPRS to K4 – 8th grades at a Christian school in Alabama. Your blog is one of my most invaluable resources. When I saw this post I jokingly forwarded to my husband and said, “wanna move to Alaska?”. I know the Lord will provide the right person for the job. I hope you’ll still be able to update the blog! Enjoy every moment with your babies!

  7. I, too, believe that God will provide a teacher for your students and even though it seems like a tough decision, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET your time with your children. There will always be students… but you only have your precious children for short time. I wish you the very, very best and thank you sooooo much for sharing your great ideas. Selfishly, I do hope that you can continue to blog ;o)

  8. I agree with the other comments, If The Lord has put it on your heart to be with your kids, He will work out the details! He also gives us opportunities to use our gifts. Have you thought about developing a non-text book? I love your plans and would buy it. I have bought a few of your plans on teachers pay teachers… And will buy more. I appreciate your creativity and skill. Thanks for helping a strAnger at a Christian school in TN : )

  9. Although I gave a Woo Hoo when I read you were going back into the classroom (I love your blog and materials!), I also gave up a dream job to stay home with my children. I had a job teaching at a new magnet school that really was amazing. It’s rated as one of the top high schools in the nation most years. Well, I took 10 years off and never regretted losing that job or being broke all of the time. Just as my children were getting old enough to not really need me home all of the time, I got a call from my children’s school district and now have the PERFECT job in the perfect district. Long story short, everything works out in the end!

  10. You are all so sweet! I will continue to blog and write curriculum, don’t worry! Now THAT would be difficult for me to give up! I love teaching, but I REALLY love creating documents on my computer…odd, I know…but it’s true.

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