This is a modified version of one of the very first scripts that I used when I first began TPRS back in early 2010. The original version came from Ben Slavic’s blog, back when it was open access. I have modified it to work with the structures that I want to target (so that it fits into my curriculum map), and it is always a big hit! This is also one of the very few scripts for which I have four structures instead of three, and that is only because ‘durante la noche’ is hardly a new structure for the kids (they should be familiar with it by the time we get to this story, but we have never officially learned it), and they should also know ‘duerme’.

This is the PERFECT story to use if you teach a unit on reflexive verbs or on legends and scary storys! Even better, the unit plans that accompany this script are FREE. Download a FREE four-day unit to teach this script here.


durante la noche – during the night
oye algo – hears something
se despierta – wakes up
se duerme – goes to sleep


The main character goes camping in the woods with a friend or animal. They fall asleep at a certain time, and during the night they hear something and wake up. They look through the door of the tent and see something or someone that is doing something. They are afraid/sad/happy and go somewhere else, where they once again put up their tent and are awakened in the night by a noise.


The complete story script for this story is available in our Subscriber Library. Find it in the Story Scripts folder!


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