I just stumbled across this activity that I used to use on the first day back from break in Spanish 2. The activity and discussion that it sparked easily filled the first 55 minute period after break. It’s a simple form for a communicative activity in which students interview each other about their Christmas vacations. After they get a “yes” answer for one of the questions, there are several follow-up questions for which they need to record details. When I did this, I had students write on their own paper (as opposed to switching papers and having the interviewee sign his or her own name). They could take notes in first person or jot down incomplete notes if they wanted. After the communicative activity we discussed everyone’s answers in third person, and then I had them write out third-person reports of the answers that they received. With the exception of “fuiste”, this activity includes all regular verbs. Download it for free here!

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  1. Thank you for this idea & download, Martina! Any chance you have it in a Word version? I have some non-Christian students, so our break is not known as Christmas break, but rather as winter break and I’d like to make that edit before using your great suggestion.

    1. Martina,
      Thank you for this!! It will be so helpful when we get back from break! I always struggle with ideas for “fun” things to do. I too would like a Word version- I have many students of various religious backgrounds- and although I present la Navidad from the cultural context of the Spanish-speaking world, I try to be inclusive when I can. Would you mind sending me a version in Word as I do not have a pdf conversion account?
      Muchisimas gracias!

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