La mamá vigilante Story Script

**Great news! this unit is ALMOST READY FOR PUBLICATION! Expect it by the end of February 2017!

Here is the story script for Unit 23 of my Spanish 1 curriculum (which I actually taught at the beginning of my students’ second year of Spanish in Spanish 1B). I have been referring to it as ‘La hija desobediente’ on my curriculum map, but I like ‘La mamá vigilante’ better 🙂 The basic gist of the story is this: a kid sneaks out of the house with another person, a parent follows him/her, the kid keeps saying where s/he wants to go, and the parent stays or doesn’t stay outside each location as s/he continues to follow his/her child. The script is provided in English below.


  1. quiere ir – she wants to go
  2. se queda – s/he stays (remains)
  3. sigue – s/he follows

La mamá vigilante story script from The Comprehensible Classroom


Kristina is a very disobedient girl, and she has a strict mom. When Kristina tells her mom, “I want to go to McDonald’s. Can I?”, her mom says, “No! McDonald’s is the worst!” When Kristina tells her mom, “I want to go to my friend’s house. Can I?”, her mom says, “No! Your friend is horrible!” When Kristina tells her mom, “I want to go to the movies to see Tangled. Can I?”, her mom says, “No! Disney is ruining the world!”

Kristina is very frustrated, and one night she decides to leave the house without permission. She leaves the house and walks toward a red car that’s in front of the house. Kristina thinks that her mom is sleeping, but her mom is not sleeping. She sees Kristina from the window. She stays in the house for a few minutes, but then she follows her daughter. She hides in the car.

In the car, there is a young guy. Kristina’s mom doesn’t know the guy. Kristina says, “I want to go to a bar”. The guy responds, “Okay”. They go to a bar in the car. When they enter the bar, Kristina’s mom doesn’t follow them; she stays in the car. Kristina and the guy stay in the bar for two hours. They dance and drink cokes. Then, Kristina says to the guy, “I want to go to the movies” and the guy responds, “Okay”. They go to the car. They don’t know that Kristina’s mom is in the car.

They go to the movies. They get out of the car and enter the theater. The mom doesn’t stay in the car; she follows them. They sit in the theater and stay there during the moive. The mom follows them. She sits behind them and watches them. After the movie, they stay in their seats for a few minutes and talk. Kristina tells the guy, “I want to go to a church”, and they leave the theater.

Kristina’s mom follows them and they go to the car. They go to a church and get out of the car. The mom doesn’t stay in the car because she is curious. She follows them. In the church, there is a pastor. Kristina and the guy say, “We want to get married”. The pastor asks, “Is there anyone against the union between this man and this woman?” All of a sudden, a woman stands up and yells, “Yeah-me! This guy is MY man!” But another woman stands up and yells, “NO! This guy is MY man!” The guy looks at the three girls, and Kristina’s mom sees his face. She knows the guy. She stands up and says, “Um, whatever! This man is MY man!”

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  1. Kristin says:

    I love this script! The structures will work perfectly (with a slight adaptation) with Senor Wooly’s “Puedo Ir Al Bano”.

  2. Renee Koeneman says:

    I also made a cronología like el que se enoja, pierde, I also did a textivate. The students love this story and can relate

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