Thanks to Samantha Uebel, who sent me French translations for my QAR materials, all of you French teachers out there can rest easy knowing that you can pop into class tomorrow and try out QAR without having to do the grunt work of translating everything for yourselves!! Yippee!

Click here to download the materials in French, Spanish, and English. Thanks, Samantha! U R D Best!

Unfamiliar with QAR? Click here.

3 replies on “QAR en français!

  1. Thanks Martina! If anyone notices any mistakes let me know and I’ll fix them. I’m not a native speaker, so it’s possible! Enjoy!

    1. THANK YOU! I love it when other non-native speakers are brave enough to post their possibly-error-ridden work so that others can benefit…and correct if needed. So far, no one has pointed out any errors to me 🙂

  2. The title of your blog caught my attention right away, Comprehensible! I found this QAR approach an excellent way to keep the students exercising their literacy skills while staying in the target language! Also, with the text being short, it makes it less overwhelming for students. This could be a great weekly practice that also has students use verb conjugations with context.

    I’ve never heard of this until now. I will try this in my classroom.

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