I keep getting asked why I don’t sell all of my units for any given level in a bundle on TpT so that it would be easier to find and purchase them. Here are some reasons:

  1. My curriculum is not complete. I have almost everything that I taught in Spanish 1 on TpT, but some things that I created and used are not posted yet, and I used a lot of materials from TPRS Publishing (novels, stories from their curricula, etc.).
  2. I’m still updating and adding files, and until everything is updated and present, it is just too time consuming to update a bulk file every time that I make a change to an individual file.
  3. Different teachers want different things. Some teachers want to purchase ALL the supplemental units and reading-based grammar notes for a level, while other teachers just want the main units.

I will probably create a bulk file someday, but today is not that day. In the meantime, here are two suggestions to make it easier for you to easily find and purchase everything that you want:

Purchase TpT products with a Purchase Order from your school!

Use Custom Categories to view a curriculum collection

  • TpT allows Sellers to create custom categories for their products, and I have been working on going back through everything that I have on TpT to categorize it in a way that will be most useful to my buyers.
  • If you’d like to order my Spanish I Curriculum, for example, click on the Custom Category “Spanish I Curriculum”. You can then click on each item and add it to your cart, or you can pick and choose which one you’d like.
  • If you only want the actual units for any given level, sort the products alphabetically once you’re viewing a Custom Category. Then, scroll down until you see “Spanish 1 Unit….” or “Spanish 2 Unit…” (depending on which level you are viewing). Add only those units to your cart, and skip the supplemental readings and grammar notes.

Click here to visit my TpT store now!

Use Custom Categories to find products more efficiently
Sort products alphabetically to quickly locate the products you want within a custom category

5 replies on “What’s the best way to purchase all of your curriculum units?

  1. I have purchased a ton of your materials this year, and find them so helpful. I am thankful that you make material available for us to use in our classrooms. I am also thankful that I can edit things and personalize them. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Thank you for all your products. I have started CI and TPRS in my class! I can see the change and growth in my students. I enjoyed learning as much as my students!!

  3. Martina- A few weeks ago, I found your bundled units “Somos” and will purchase them for my middle school Novice-High and Intermediates. I cannot for the life of me now find the bundle! I´ve looked on TpT and here… can you help!?

    1. I disabled them because I was having issues with file size: I had recently updated many of the units that they contain, but when I went to upload the updates, the overall file size exceeded the TpT limit. I have been troubleshooting the problem and hope to re-enable them soon. In the meantime, I recommend purchasing the individual units even though it is a huge hassle! You will be guaranteed to always get the most up to date versions of the files that way.

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