Doesn’t it just figure. I have been waiting months for TpT to throw a site-wide sale, and I finally gave up last week and threw a sale of my own. Well…today and tomorrow (May 5 and 6), the TpT Teacher Appreciation site sale is ON! The great thing about a site-wide sale is that TeachersPayTeachers gives you an additional discount on top of the discount that I give–which means that you save 30 percent on all products in my store (20 percent from me plus 10 percent from them!). Just use the Coupon Code “ThankYou” at checkout!

sale_720_90In other news, I’ve finally begun to bundle my Spanish 1 units. The only bundle that I have ready so far is the bundle for Units 1-5, which includes the first five units of my Spanish 1 curriculum and several supplemental readings and activities. See the product listing for a detailed list of its contents. Click on the image below to purchase it today at a 30 percent discount!

Somos JPEG

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  1. WHat are your thoughts on using some of your materials in elem school – say 4th-5th grade, for a program WL beninnging in K or 1st grade?

    1. I think that most of the scripts could be adapted, but most of the cultural content is going to be more than a lower elementary school student can handle. I taught it with as low as sixth graders, so maybe grades 4/5…maybe download the free units (1, 6, 21) and see what you think.

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