This evening–Sunday, May 17, 2015–you can attend a TCI training for FREE from the comfort of your own home. Join Paulino Brener’s Google Hangout “Educators, Performers, Creators Show #15” at 6pm CDT to hear TCI strategies from Carol Gaab, Kristy Placido, Carrie Toth, and me! Here is the link to the Hangout:…/events/cac27nnu40brd8cggk5tj67r3ds. Click the image below to RSVP and join us and 120 of our closest PLN members (RSVPs as of Saturday night) live! You can submit questions on the Google Hangout link or tweet them with the hashtag #epcshow included.

If you’re Time Zone challenged like me, here’s the breakdown for the US:

  • Eastern: 7:00pm
  • Central: 6:00pm
  • Mountain: 5:00pm
  • Pacific: 4:00pm
  • Alaska: 3:00pm

We’ll be sharing tips on reading, content area instruction, backward planning from novels, teaching with novels, authentic resources, and more! Each of us will share some grab-and-go ideas from much longer sessions that we will be presenting at iFLT this summer in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you haven’t registered yet, there is no time like the present! Whether you are just beginning your TCI journey or a seasoned expert, you will benefit from the language labs and training sessions that you attend in St. Paul. The language labs, in particular, are unique to iFLT and allow you to see an expert teacher work with real students over the course of a week. They are awesome! Click here to learn more about the conference and register today.

8 replies on “Free TCI training TODAY (Sunday) at 6pm Central Time

  1. I’m not very familiar with Google hangouts… is there a way to watch it later or in the future? I’m not able to join during the actual hangout today but would love to watch it afterwards to hear some of the wisdom of y’all!

  2. Is there going to be some way to view this later? I really want to watch, but my parents are in town tonight and we have dinner with them! Any way that you know to record it?

  3. I would also love to watch it afterwards if possible as I have a church conflict during the training time. Thank you if you are able to post a recording/summary of it!

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