WordPress auto-corrected my title to “Change, change, champagne”–I wish!

You might be freaking out a little because my site looks totally different this morning. I got annoyed at about 11:00pm last night with the font on the other site and did a total overhaul. Maybe it’s the changing leaves, or maybe it’s my unhealthy obsession with fonts (life without Avenir is not worth word processing!). So far, the feedback is that I should switch it back to the old theme, but I’m going to give it a day. Please cast your vote in the comments: old or new?

  1. Most importantly, which do you prefer? No reason needed, but you could mention…
  2. How fast it loads
  3. How easy it is to read
  4. How easy it is to navigate

Thanks! And I am LOOKING for criticism, so don’t feel bad for leaving it 😉

Image CC-BY-SA Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve Flickr.com

47 replies on “Change change, chaaaaange

  1. I LOVE the new look much more than the old one. It loaded quickly and is easy to navigate. It’s a keeper in my opinion!

  2. There’s a search field, Olgie! Martina, the site looks modern and fresh and it’s easily navigated. I vote with the “keepers!”

  3. I love the new look! Yes, I did a double-take to make sure I was at the right site, but this looks very professional!

    1. I like the new one! It loads faster, is cleaner and more professional! The last is so important. As teachers become the scapegoat of societal woes out here in Ohio, the professionalism goes a long way!!!

  4. I loooove the design of the old one. It really made it “pop” from other blogs I read. Personally, I don’t like darker hues. I loved your vibrant red before.

  5. I like the new design. It’s “clean” looking and I find the Navigational links much more user friendly!

  6. It’s nice to change things up. I personally like the visuals of the old site better. I’ve never had any issues with loading. I usually don’t look at the homepage so I don’t remember it as strongly but I’m not a big fan of the squares. I think the newer one is easier to read but that’s just because the font seems bigger? Ultimately, you have to look at it the most, so do what makes you happy. 🙂

      1. Much better. I still prefer the old style, but like others have said, you have to look at it the most and I’ll still read it anyways.

      2. The old colors make the new look feel more familiar. I think the best part of the redesign is the navigation bar at the top! Thanks for making your amazing hard work so available!

  7. Not just colors, but I think the old site allowed me to read more on one page without having to scroll down so fast. Made me feel like I got more information. I think if this current font were smaller it would feel more efficient. It does load a little more slowly for me, but not too bad. Thanks for ALL your work – the items you share are my MAIN go-to after the required textbook in my classroom!! Couldn’t do it nearly as well without you!!

  8. This is coming together nicely. It is starting to grow on me :-). You might have to take another look at your banner – it seems to be cut off at the bottom (unless, that’s just how it shows up on my screen).

  9. Loads fast. Place the search field at the top of each page for easier access. Also, the older site had links listed by common subjects on the left. It made it easier to locate information. I am more likely to use subject links than regularly follow blogs (although I find yours very valuable).

    1. The subject links (category links) are still there–they should appear before any of the other blog links. Do they not show up in your browser? And where does the search field appear on your page? (Again, it should be at the top!) I need to look at the blog on a mobile device I think…

  10. Dont really like it; it feels more like a business page than a friend’s blog. I dont like the boxes on the homepage. I prefer to scroll down through the posts and glance at everything written out. If I’m looking for something specific ill have followed a link from the emails, so thats no issue.
    Also it would be nice if the banner linked to the homepage thought i know youve already got the home button up there.
    Thanks for hearing our feedback 🙂

  11. I have to say that I LOVE the OLD version MUCH better! It was easier for me to navigate, the color scheme was nice, and overall it had a very polished look. I definitely did a double-take when I saw the new site…I agree with senoritadeirdre about preferring to scroll through posts. Sometimes change is hard, and I’ll follow your blog either way :). Thanks for wanting to hear our feedback.

  12. I would follow you no matter how the page looks. I like change, so, I vote to keep it! You’ll probably change it again in the future! 🙂

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