Start your year sale january 20-21 at the comprehensible classroom

Teachers Pay Teachers is running a site wide sale on Wednesday-Thursday, January 20-21, and my store will be participating! By combining my store’s sale with the corporate sale, you will save a grand total of 28 percent on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you purchase from The Comprehensible Classroom. Simply fill your shopping cart with items from my store (all marked 20 percent off), and then use the coupon code “START16”  to save an additional 10 percent on the items in your cart.

Not sure what to buy? Click on each image to view products from my store in that category, or CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING!

Spanish 1 curriculum martina bex
All Spanish 1 curriculum units teach students a set of vocabulary and then use it to explore a cultural topic in Spanish. Units can also be purchased in bundles!
Spanish 2 curriculum from The Comprehensible Classroom
All Spanish 2 curriculum units target a specific past-tense construction (-ar preterite verbs, irregular imperfect verbs, etc.)


Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 7.36.35 PM
Click here to see the selection of lessons, activity sheets, and units that are available in French!

sub plans for spanish classes the comprehensible classroom by martina bex
All sub plans are reading based and do not require a Spanish speaking sub

Holiday units in Spanish by Martina Bex The Comprehensible Classroom
Each holiday unit features Spanish-language readings and activities that are comprehensible for Novice to Intermediate Spanish learners


Reading based grammar notes from martina bex the comprehensible classroom
Each grammar lesson targets a specific construction through Spanish-language readings before providing students with quick notes and following up with more readings and activities. Many are cultural!
Cultural units from The Comprehensible Classroom
Each multi-day unit explores a cultural topic in the target language

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 7.34.15 PM
All cultural readings are written in Spanish and can be used to enhance or introduce any unit of study or as fillers

Film based units
Each multi-day unit is based on a short film

Summative, Cumulative Assessments in Spanish
Ready to go midterms and finals

Games from the Comprehensible Classroom
Competitive and interactive games for World Language classes

Songs in Spanish from the Comprehensible Classroom
Spanish language songs with lyrics activities, singer bios in Spanish, and more
Puzzles in Spanish from The Comprehensible Classroom
Logic and Wordoku puzzles make great filler and fast finisher activities!

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