Our daughter was born on Saturday! Thank you to everyone that emailed me and messaged me over the last few weeks to say that you were praying for and thinking of me as we anticipated her arrival. It is so special to have support and encouragement from people that I have never even met! “Millie” is named after my grandmothers, and her full name means “the Lord has made me strong and His grace has made me gentle”. We pray that she will demonstrate her strength through her love for the Lord and her love for others. We are home, and her brothers agree that “she is so cute!” My blogging and emailing will be limited to what I can do with one hand on my phone while nursing for the next few months. I’ll be spending the rest of my time loving on my boys and snuggling this sweet, scandalous miracle!

That spot on my neck? Leftovers from Millie’s first poop. Keepin’ it real…

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    1. As a mother of four, the youngest which just turned 20, I say “Yay God!!! ” You are in for the ride of your life. He is the giver of life and that little bundle you hold is truly a blessing.
      Congratulations from a woman whom you have blessed greatly with your creativity (I probably buy one of your lessons a day). I promise I will pray for sweet Millie when the Lord brings her to my mind.
      Enjoy her and your others too!!!!

    2. So happy for you and your family! Enjoy and thanks for being such an inspiration in the classroom!

  1. Felicidades Martina!! Está preciosa la bebé. Mis mejores deseos para ella, para ti y toda tu hermosa familia.

  2. Muchas felicidades. No eres mamá, si tu niña no se hace popo en ti. Disfruta este tiempo con ella.

  3. Isaiah 40:11 says, “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; He gently leads those that have young.”

    The picture of our Lord Jesus carrying my baby close to His heart was precious. But the part that says that He ‘gently leads’ the mothers—oh, that so helped me! Because mothers of babies (NASB translates that last phrase ‘the nursing ewes’), full of hormones and emotions, require special, gentle leading. And that’s what the Lord does for you during your time of being the mother of an infant—He gently leads you as He holds precious Millie in His arms. God bless you, Martina.

  4. Yay! Congratulations! I was wondering about this as you were posting and tweeting earlier today! I thought you were about due! 🙂 Millie (Mildred) was my grandmother too, and I’ve always thought about that if I ever have a daughter. A great name! 🙂

  5. WOW!!! Congrats and enjoy her! Time flies…my twins are 15!!
    Blessings to you and your wonderful family!

  6. Felicidades! Cherish every moment. They grow way too quickly. Millie is my mother’s name; it is shortened for Milagros. All babies are milagros. May Millie and your three miracles continue to bless your life with good memories and much love. You are an incredibly amazing educator but foremost you are a mother; the greatest job or calling you will ever have. Muchas bendiciones y amor. from Sra. Edman, Utah

  7. I know mil gracias are a thing, but are mil felicidades? If not, then I’m making them up! ¡Mil felicidades! God bless you guys!

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