There is one week left in our CrowdRise campaign to show students that they CAN make a difference and raise money for earthquake relief efforts in Ecuador. Rincon Valley Middle School in California wrapped up their fundraiser today with a smashing $1,005.00 raised!

If you are looking for ways to continue talking about the earthquake in class (after reading the original article, the article about Gianina’s fundraiser, watching and comprehensifying the information on this video, and the article about the rescue dog Dayko), consider showing your students this video of drone footage of the damage. Use MovieTalk techniques as you show it–pause the video every once in awhile and describe what is visible on the screen 

What are other classes doing to participate in our CrowdRise fundraiser? Katie Swetnam’s class made donation boxes to put around campus. The writing is in English because students from all over the school are encouraged to contribute. Caitlin Broadway’s class came up with the idea “54 for Ecuador”! They are trying to raise $54 for every teacher in their school Once $54 is designated for a teacher, students get to throw a pie at him/her! What are YOUR classes doing?? Remember that anyone that contributes to the campaign on or before Friday, May 7 (a week from today) will be entered in a raffle to receive one of Gianina’s original paintings! Even if your class can’t participate, would YOU consider giving even $10 toward our campaign?  Click here to contribute NOW!


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  1. Just left a donation. Thanks for posting this! I also shared with some of our dual language schools. I have friends whose relatives teach at one of the Am. Int’l Schools there, as well as a Spanish teacher whose girlfriend and family are there. We also have a former Spanish teacher who returned this year to Ecuador to teach the youngers at a school outside Quito. Connections!

  2. Hello!!! This is an amazing testament of generosity, sense of community and awareness!! Thank you Martina. Sonoma Valley High School in Sonoma, California will be raising money as well. We will be selling nachos and horchata during our Cinco de Mayo celebration., and the proceeds will go to Ecuador.

    1. Martina,
      Gianina lit the spark, and you fanned the flames. I sincerely hope other teachers will jump on board to raise money for the victims of the earthquake. As we got near $1000 (double our goal), the kids got so excited they were running to their lockers for money. Your articles were such a motivator. Thank you for the good work you do. We can all make a difference.

  3. Martina thank you for spearheading this. We are going to be starting a raffle on Monday at school. Many teachers donated things like homework passes, dropping a low score, etc. We also received generous donations like a pizza party for a homeroom and 4 tickets for Northwestern University’s opening football game of the season. Many Spanish students brought in candy and I created “Towers of Treats” that will also be in the raffle. It’s a lot of details to manage but very fun and for such a good cause. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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