Make the 2016-2017 school year the best year ever! Save 28% total on lesson plans and activities from The Comprehensible Classroom on Monday, August 1 and Tuesday, August 2 by combining my store’s 20% off sale with TpT’s Best Year Ever Sale (use coupon code BestYear at checkout). This is the most that you can ever save in my store! Not sure where to begin?

Spanish teachers, start here:

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Spanish 1 curriculum martina bex
All Spanish 1 curriculum units teach students a set of vocabulary and then use it to explore a cultural topic in Spanish. Units can also be purchased in bundles!

Spanish 2 curriculum from The Comprehensible Classroom
All Spanish 2 curriculum units target a specific past-tense construction (-ar preterite verbs, irregular imperfect verbs, etc.)

sub plans for spanish classes the comprehensible classroom by martina bex
All sub plans are reading based and do not require a Spanish speaking sub. Sub plans are also available in French! (see below)

Fall 2016: 14 issues of weekly news summaries in Spanish for Novice Spanish students
Click on the image to purchase the FALL 2016 subscription of weekly news summaries in Spanish, which will contain 14 issues when complete.

Spring 2017 21 issues of weekly news summaries in Spanish for Novice students
Click on the image to purchase the SPRING 2017 subscription of weekly news summaries in Spanish, which will contain 21 issues when complete

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.27.30 AM
Click on the image to purchase the archived weekly news summaries from the April-May 2016 subscription for just $15!!

18 activities that your students can complete independently after reading a text
Click on image to purchase 18 activities that students can do with any text, and follow the link in the product description to purchase the original pack.

The Unfair Game by Martina Bex
Click on image to browse games and game templates, like the editable PPT for The Unfair Game

3 leveled readings about Lionel Messi in Spanish
Click on image to browse cultural readings, like the product pictured here that contains a series of 3 embedded readings about Lionel Messi in Spanish.

French teachers, click here to view all of the lesson plans that I have available en français!


8 replies on “Make this the best year ever: Save 28% on lesson plans in Spanish & French!

  1. Hello there! I have purchased a lot from you but I have a question. If someone has previously purchased a unit, and you add items to it later, or change it, does one need to re-buy it (in its entirety) or are the additions available at a small charge?

    1. No charge! You can always download updated versions of previous units for free by going to “My purchases” in your TpT account and then re-downloading products. You will always be able to download the updates at no charge, even if the product price has increased!

    1. When you check out with the coupon code from TpT, you get an additional 10 percent off the price in your cart. If you already accounted for that, then I did my math wrong….which is totally a possibility.

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