It’s the most wonderful time of the year–well, if you’re a teacher, that is! Teachers Pay Teachers is holding its annual Cyber Sale on Monday, November 28 and Tuesday, November 29. Because individual stores offer discounts and TpT corporate offers a discount, you are able to save more during site wide sales than you can when a store holds its own sale. So now is the time to snag the lesson plans and activities that you’ve been eyeing, because you can’t get them any cheaper than you will be able to this week!

This is a great time to invest in my SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 1 or for Spanish 2, I have tons of other products that teachers can use to provide cultural, comprehensible input to their students regardless of the curriculum that they are using. Here are some products from my store that I think you, Spanish teacher, might be interested in!

The SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 2 systematically targets past tense constructions (preterite regular, stem change, etc.) through comprehensible input: Units 1-6 bundle
I finally began bundling my Spanish 2 units! The Units 1-6 bundle is the only one available so far, but look for more bundles coming soon! My Spanish 2 curriculum systematically targets past tense constructions through comprehensible input, making it easy for teachers that are tied to textbooks to provide comprehensible input while still hitting required grammar points.

Spring 2017 21 issues of weekly news summaries in Spanish for Novice students
While you can purchase the almost-complete Fall subscription during the sale, it’s time now to plan for the Spring semester! Each week, I publish 5 summaries of news stories from the Spanish-speaking world, written in easy to read Spanish. The Spring subscription will be published weekly between January and May and will consist of 21 issues when complete!

Independent activities to demonstrate reading comprehension
For me, both this bundle and the original are must-haves for language classes (the original is available in French, too). It contains 18 reproducible activity worksheets that students can complete independently during or after reading any text–making it ideal for sub days, differentiation, and on-the-fly activity needs!

Tengo tu love lesson plans for Spanish classes by The Comprehensible Classroom
This is one of my favorite songs to teach to students, and this unit is SO FULL of content, you probably won’t be able to use it all! Readings, activities, class discussions…I spent a lot of time creating activities that would make this entire song comprehensible to my students–without using any English to do it!

Grudge ball to learn about famous Hispanics
Did you know that teaching culture can be really, really fun?? This game will introduce your students to 9 famous Hispanics from diverse career fields and countries, and it targets the structures nació, fue el primer/último, and su propio!

3 leveled readings about Lionel Messi in Spanish
I love teaching about real people, real events, and real concepts in the target language. This product contains three readings of increasing detail and complexity about Lionel Messi, and is ideal for differentiation or to place in a class library for free reading.

I am not doing as much blogging and lesson writing these days because my responsibilities at home are…overwhelming…so I also want to share with you some products from other teachers’ TpT stores that are comprehensible and high quality:

From Teaching in Target by Kristy Placido:

Street Art Chilango by Teaching in Target
This resource is an interesting non-fiction look into a movement in Mexico City and around the world to legitimize and celebrate talented street artists who make their mark on the city! A great addition to an art unit or for teaching about Mexico.

10 songs for Spanish classes by Teaching in Target
Music connects your students deeply to the language. These activities provide everything you need to teach 10 of the most popular songs from Kristy’s classroom!

Christmas commercials from Teaching in Target
This product is a fun way to bring quick bursts of authentic language into class! Seasonal fun that students really enjoy.

From Mis clases locas by Allison Wienhold:

Mara Salvatrucha novel intro activities from Mis clases locas
This stations activity will introduce intermediate Spanish students to the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and El Salvador, and is designed to use before reading the novel Vida y Muerte en la Mara Salvatrucha.

Final exam for El Internado Season 1 from Mis clases locas
This is just one of the many resources from Mis clases locas to use with El Internado: Season 1

Literature circles from Mis clases locas
This bundle includes everything you need to teach a literature circle unit in an upper level world language class. It provides opportunities for interpretive reading, interpersonal speaking, and presentational writing and speaking.

From The Storyteller’s Corner by Amy Roe:

Spanish adjectives story from The Storyteller's Corner
This fun story is about a young superhero and includes LOTS of adjectives!

Soccer game story from The Storyteller's Corner
This story about soccer brings in lots of culture; especially food and famous people from Argentina!

Three Kings' Day story from The Storyteller's Corner
This story will teach your students about Three Kings’ Day through the eyes of a young Spanish boy

From Somewhere to Share by Carrie Toth:

El Regalo movie talk from Somewhere to Share
Good for Christmas OR as a before/after with Brandon Brown quiere un perro; also works great with Unit 6 of my SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 1!

Picky by Joey Montana
This activity shows you just how fun and easy it is to implement a Song of the Week to help students develop an ear for listening and acquire some high frequency verb structures as they sing along!

Water is life unit of study for Spanish classes
This is a 3 week unit that includes facts about water contamination, cross-curricular connections to science and engineering, movie talk, self-selected vocabulary, a film study, and more.

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