While I encourage teachers to use the issues of EL MUNDO EN TUS MANOS for free reading material (add them to a class library, let students choose to read them or not, and not complete an assignment after reading them), I realize that there are many reasons that teachers may want to or need to attach an assignment to the reading. Whether you need a homework assignment, accountability for a sub day activity, or evidence for a portfolio, the day will likely come when you need students to do something after they’ve read the text. (If you don’t HAVE to have them do something, though, I strongly encourage you to let them just read!!)

Spanish teacher Katie Sevilla emailed me this week with the idea for a simple task that she assigned to her students along with the reading of the most recent issue of EMETM: write five questions and answers about the reading, and copy five interesting sentences from the reading and translate them. I made up this one-page worksheet based on her idea that you can print and have on hand for students to complete when you need something.

Click on image to download worksheet!

For more ideas on how to use current events articles in class, please read this post.

Click on image to view activity pack (available in English, Spanish, and French)
MORE independent activities to complete with a text textivities www.martinabex.com
Click on image to view activity pack (Spanish only)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Do you know of any similar reading resources like this for Mandarin?

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