Aside from undermining truth in journalism, destroying credibility of major news outlets, empowering the general public with dangerous misinformation, and casting a long shadow of doubt over everything that we hear or read in the news, fake news stories are pretty fantastic!

This week, I read a news story about a man who was arrested in NYC after making over $1 million selling modified Chuck E Cheese coins as BitCoin. Since the Bex family loves cryptocurrency, I of course was drawn to this preposterous story!

Surprise, surprise–the story about the man selling scratched-off coins with capital ‘B’s written on them with permanent markers was fake news. Regardless–I have a feeling that each one of you has a group of students that would DEVOUR this story when they see it in your class library during FVR time!

I was much more careful this time to label this as a fake news story, and I accept BitCoin as payment (or you can just download it FREE here).

2 replies on “NOTICIAS FALSAS: BitCoin Scandal article in Spanish!

  1. Wonderful idea, Martina, as always! Just wanted to let you know there’s an error this sentence at the end of the middle column: “Compraron las monedas falsas con dólares americanas.” It would be “americanos” . Not trying to be a killjoy, just helping out!

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