What burning questions do you have about Comprehension Based Methods?

What can you do NOW and over the summer to to set yourself up for success in the 2018-2019 school year?

What do you need to know about the SOMOS Curriculum in order to decide if it is a good match for you?

Live QA with Martina Bex of the Comprehensible cLassroom Sunday may 6 8pm EDT

Join me on Facebook LIVE! tonight (Sunday, May 6) at 8:00pm EDT to ASK ME ANYTHING!

The TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale is THIS WEEK: Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8-9. Sitewide sales are your opportunity to get the best deal on my curriculum and supplemental lessons (Save 25%!).

This Q&A is your opportunity to get all of the information you need to order the resources that will help you to approach next school year with CONFIDENCE.

Facebook live with Martina Bex - ask any quesiton you have about comprehension based methods!

You can catch this LIVE! on The Comprehensible Classroom’s facebook page (click here).


Leave your question(s) in a comment on this blog post! I’ll answer written in questions during lulls in the live questions. I’ll post a recording of the LIVE! to The Comprehensible Classroom’s facebook page after the session has ended.

Hope to see you tonight!

The Comprehensible Classroom is on sale May 8-9!

8 replies on “LIVE Q&A for language teachers TONIGHT!

  1. How does Somos prepare students for the AP exam? Our system only offers language in high school, not in elementary school ,
    so most are not exposed to language at an early age.

  2. I am so excited about this! I love that you’re using Live so I can have PD in my pajamas!
    I’ve loved using your activities in my Latin classroom and I’ve been wondering for a long time if anyone is working on adapting your SOMOS curriculum for Latin learning like they have for French. If not, what can I do to start?

  3. Hello, I taught Spanigh 10 years ago, and am now back after having 4 kids. I taught the grammar based way, and I have been reading a lot about C.I. I went to my first PD last week and am super excited to learn more and hopefully completely change my way of teaching to C.I. I teach Spanish 2 to high schoolers, and none of the teachers at my school are teaching this way. I have so many questions, but my biggest concern right now is how do i get the books for the units and plan for the year? I see your curriculum, and it looks amazing, but I would also love to know any tips, or if you could point me in the best direction to get started. Thanks so much and I’ll be following you! I didnt see your PD tonight till now, would love to tune in another time. Gracias.

    1. Great question!! Join the SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration group on facebook, there are many teachers that would love to help you find the answers you are looking for!!

  4. Hi! Is there a way to view this somewhere other than Facebook? We aren’t able to get on Facebook in school. Thanks!

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