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Are you ready for the 2018-2019 school year to be your best year yet?

I have some great news: you have come to the right place at the right time.

There are oodles of ways to provide your students with rich, comprehensible input. For the first time ever, there are many different curriculum and no-curriculum options for teachers desiring to move away from traditional grammar-and-vocab language instruction to meaningful, communicative language classes.

Whether you are taking that first scary step away from a textbook for the first time or trying to regain your footing after taking the leap last year, this post is about connecting you with the resources you need to be confident even in the crazy! Over my last 8 years blogging, I have learned that I have two roles to play in this exciting movement toward comprehension based instruction in language classes: confidence booster and publicist.

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER: My resources allow you to focus on your skills, your students, and all of the extra-curricular responsibilities that you juggle in your personal and professional life. If you need a complete road map, I’ve got one for you. If you need something specific in a pinch, I’ve got something for you. Helping teachers find renewed confidence and energy is one of my great joys in life!!

PUBLICIST: When I learn about something fantastic, I have to tell the world! This blog is filled with hundreds and hundreds of ideas that have inspired (and confounded!) me over the years. If you need inspiration for next year, there is something here for you. Consider checking out my TOP POSTS page if you are looking for a place to start!

What’s more–EVERYTHING listed in this post (and everything else in my store that is NOT listed in this post) is 25% off on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. This is the biggest discount that I can ever offer, and I hope that it will help you to get what you need within your budget.

2018-2019? You’ve got this!!


This curriculum is more filled with culture than the corner of my bedroom is with clean laundry waiting to be folded. I am obsessed with making culture understandable and interesting to early language learners. The complete curriculum consists of 27 units and will likely take two full years to teach. $300 and it’s yours forever, including all updates. (You can also purchase individual units or smaller bundles of a few units.)

» Click here to peruse the curriculum map and check out all purchasing options

» Click here to read the curriculum FAQ

» Click here to join the SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration group and get fast answers to your questions from the incredible SOMOS tribe

SOMOS Level 1: A culture-rich, comprehension-based Spanish curriculum


Oh my word. This is real guys!! As of today, YOU CAN PURCHASE THE LEVEL 2 CURRICULUM IN ONE BIG BUNDLE!

The Level 2 SOMOS Curriculum is comprehension based: lessons are designed to provide students with massive amounts of comprehensible input through reading, storytelling, film, discussion, and music. Each lesson targets a specific grammar construction so that the curriculum can be aligned with more traditional textbook curricula. Specifically, almost all of the units focus on one past tense pattern.

Confidently teach Level 2 Spanish with rich, comprehensible input using the SOMOS Level 2 curriculum from The Comprehensible Classroom

This week, I published one of the two missing units from the Level 2 curriculum: El lago encantado. This is an Incan legend, and the first few days of the unit are spent learning about the Incan civilization and about Francisco Pizarro, the conquistador that led the conquista of the Incas. A former student who was Dominican and new to country helped me revise the first 3/5 of the unit, and it was so fun to pick this up again after so many years and to see her handwriting. I miss being in the classroom!!

El lago encantado is an Incan legend that offers an incredible view into Incan society! Perfect for Spanish classes

One elusive Level 2 unit remains, and I have pinky swear promised a teacher that it will be finished by the end of May. Once it is complete, I will add it to the Level 2 bundle and increase the price accordingly–but if you have already purchased the bundle, it will be yours at no additional cost!


So. Stinking. Excited. for the 2018-2019 subscriptions. This publication has been such a fun project for me over the last few years, and I love hearing about all of the ways that you are using it to connect students with stories that are inspiring and challenging humans living in Spanish speaking countries around the world. Maris Hawkins and I will be working together this coming year to bring back the weekly edition, but teachers will have the option to stick with the bi-weekly option if they prefer. Both editions are 25% off Tuesday and Wednesday!!

El mundo en tus manos is a weekly news publication for Spanish students and independent language learners. 5 stories are published each week from the Spanish speaking world in easy to understand Spanish

If you already have El mundo en tus manos…or some of my more colorful, less cultural news stories…be sure to read this post for ideas on different ways to use current events in class!


Do you have to teach grammar to satisfy the powers that be? Are you not yet convinced that pure, unadulterated comprehended input is enough to equip your students for accurate language production? With this second new bundle, it is easy for you to grab all of my contextualized grammar lessons (well, all of them minus the few that are included in the SOMOS 1 and 2 curriculum bundles–I left those out so that you don’t purchase duplicates) in one fell swoop:

Grammar lessons don't have to overwhelm your Spanish students or undermine language acquisition. Teach grammar in context with these short guided notes and targeted readings! Grammar for Spanish Levels 1 + 2

If you don’t want ALL the grammar, an easy way to browse which lessons are available is on this Grammar In Context Pinterest board:



If your students are anything like mine were, music breathes life into their spirits. A good song energizes and excites them! Some of my favorite songs are in these two Canciones contagiosas bundles:

Six favorite songs for Spanish 1


Six favorite songs for Spanish class with input-rich activities!

But maybe you aren’t sure how to use a song in class–well, beyond just giving the students a CLOZE passage?

Click on this image to read a post from the archives with more than 30 different ways that you can work with a song:

More than 30 ways to use music in Spanish class that are adaptable for any language!

Find more songs for Spanish class and song activities that I Pin when I see ’em on this board:



Since you are committed to lots and lots of input, you are going to be looking for input-based assignments that you can adapt to many contexts. Some of my favorites are:

» Running Dictation

» Blind Retell

» Write, Draw, Pass

» Pencil GrabPencil Grab

» Strip BINGO

But if you need a sit-down-and-do-something-quietly-for-the-love-of-Internado, perhaps this is a better fit:

Independent textivities - activities that you can adapt for an assignment with ANY text

Need even more still? Follow this growing Reading Activities board on Pinterest:


Ay ay ay. I was planning to share some more, but I need to go to bed. Elsie is cutting teeth and I foresee an oft-interrupted few hours of sleep ahead of me.

Remember: the sale is TOMORROW (as in 39 minutes from now) and Wednesday ONLY, and there is no way to retroactively apply the 25% discount. I hope this post has made shopping a little easier!!! And when in doubt, just visit my store and sort the products by “Most Recent”. You’re sure to find something new-ish that you’ll love 🙂

Ever Onward,


11 thoughts on “SALE! Plan for next year with CONFIDENCE

  1. Bonnie Chichester says:

    Martina you have pushed me over the proverbial fence I’ve been sitting on for a while, trying to decide if I should switch to Somos….Thank you! Great post! It was an easy fall to the other side of that fence! Question: How many units in Somos 2, easily done like Somos 1, over two years? one year? Thanks and hang in there with little Elsie and her teeth!

  2. Margaret Fischer says:

    Martina, do you think Spanish 1 students could use El Lago Encantado in place of a novel? I am not sure my new district will give me any $$ for novels and I was thinking perhaps I could use this story? What do you think?

    • Martina Bex says:

      well it is not as long as a novel but definitely an option, and for just $15 regular price to get a novel-like experience…why not!

  3. Mildred Secor says:

    Hi Martina, do you have a link for the French version of your curriculum? I would love to try it next year.

  4. Amy says:


    Would SOMOS 1 work for a college-level class?

    The course is SPAN 101 (beginner) and meets 5x a week.

    Would the content / themes be of interest to that age of learner?


    • Martina Bex says:

      Great question. the cultural content yes; the story scripts might need some adaptation–but not much! If anything I would do more of PQA spinning into stories instead of working with story script frames

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