Get on-demand professional development this spring with Comprehensible Online! Save $25 when you register now with referral code « elicia19 ».

Online training opportunity for comprehension based teaching

You want to become a more effective, more skillful, more confident language teacher–and you need training.

On Demand Professional Development

This year, I will be joining with more than 25 other teachers and trainers to bring you an on-demand conference.  

Comprehensible Online 2019 is a TWO MONTH LONG CONFERENCE. From March 1 to April 30, you can attend over 50 sessions whenever you want, as many times as you want.

This unique professional development opportunity answers the questions, “What is comprehensible input?” and “What does comprehension based teaching look like?”. 

Register now for $229$204 with referral code elicia19.

Get on-demand professional development this spring with Comprehensible Online! Save $25 when you register now with referral code « elicia19 ».

Learn from me at Comprehensible Online

If you have missed out on recent opportunities to attend my Pique Proficiency or Assessment for Acquisition workshops, fear not! I’ll be presenting both sessions at Comprehensible Online.

 Pique Proficiency

What does it mean to be a proficiency oriented language teacher, and what does that look like in the classroom? In this session, learn how to choose comprehension based strategies for teaching language that your students will enjoy and that will move them forward on the path to proficiency.

Assessment for Acquisition

If we are going to teach for acquisition, we need to assess for acquisition. Consider the purposes of assessment and leave with a virtual rolodex of assessments for all modalities.

See a (mostly) complete session listing here.  (Note: my sessions are not yet on the list!)

Is Comprehensible Online the best training opportunity?

Having participated last year as an attendee, I know that you will learn much and that your practice will be impacted as a result of this conference.

In my experience, online training–even on demand, extensive, excellent online training–cannot substitute an on-site conference experience. If I get to choose between the two kinds of training, my choice is to attend a conference in person. The conference that has impacted my practice and my thinking more than any other has been iFLT, and I would love for you to learn with me this July in St. Petersburg, FL.

Perhaps you do not have this choice. Whether a traditional conference is cost prohibitive or scheduling keeps you from getting the training that you need, Comprehensible Online is the next best thing. As you watch each session, you can leave questions for the presenters (and for other attendees)–and we will respond!

Save even more when you register with referral code elicia19.

Gain confidence

Whether your instruction has been centered on Comprehensible Input for years or you are just hearing about this different way of teaching language for the first time, Comprehensible Online will have something for you.

Join me this spring! 

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