Each year, I wait with great anticipation to see what story the National Lottery Commission will share through their annual anuncio for the National Spanish Christmas Lottery. These stories, told in short films, are a great teaching tool to use in class to promote a spirit of generosity and community among our students.

Over the last five or so years, it has become a tradition for me and other teacher-bloggers, like Kara Jacobs and Arianne Dowd, to create and share materials for you to use when teaching with these commercials–and 2020 is no different.

Share the 2020 anuncio with your students

The 2020 anuncio is perfect for use in language classes due to the repetition that is built into the storyline. As my holiday gift to you, I am sharing a simple set of lesson plans that you can use with classroom and livestream learners and in both synchronous and asynchronous virtual settings.

Happy holidays, and may you be well and stay well this season.

Virtual/Hybrid Curriculum

Stock up now for your Spring Semester. Whether you have been using our digital this materials this fall and are ready for more or you are looking for someone to take care of lesson planning for you, we’ve got the materials you need.

Click on the image below to visit our updated Curriculum Matchmaker, which will walk you through the curriculum bundles that we have available to help you find the just-right materials for you:

Digital Resources for 2020-2021 teaching

Our digital resources are designed to meet the changing needs of the 2020-2021 classroom. Whether you are teaching in person or on Zoom (Meets, Teams, etc.), providing synchronous or asynchronous lessons, or mixing together all of these things, we’ve got the foundation that you need to focus on taking care of yourself and connecting with your students.


DIGITAL BUNDLE 1 includes Somos 1 Units 1-11, Somos 2 Units 1-6, and many cultural and supporting resources. Get the bundle »

DIGITAL BUNDLE 2 will include Somos 1 Units 12-27 and Somos 2 Units 7-15. We will be adding these resources throughout the sprint. Get the bundle »

FRENCH DIGITAL BUNDLE includes the few digital resources that we have already created for French 1 and 2, and it will include any new ones that we develop this year. Get the resources »

SUMUS UNIT 1 BUNDLE is the first big bundle of resources for Latin that we have developed with John Bracey. We look forward to publishing more in the future! Get the unit bundle »


Our Storybuilder™ interactive stories are the star of many of our Flex units, and they are a resource that can be integrated into any program. If you are looking for a way for your students to read texts that they understand and exercise their creativity through choice, you will love the Storybuilders™.

NOVICE LEVEL STORIES BUNDLE includes 9 stories for students in Level 1 or students in upper levels that have not read extensively in Spanish. Get the bundle »

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL STORIES BUNDLE is a great fit for students in their second year of Spanish and beyond that are used to reading extensively in Spanish. Get the bundle »


SPRING SEMESTER CELEBRATIONS features all of our hybrid and virtual lessons for holidays and celebrations that occur between January and June. If we add new content or expand the units that are already included, you will get those updates! Get the bundle »

BIOGRAPHIES are a great way to share the diversity of the Spanish speaking world with your students. This is just one of the virtual resources that we developed this fall! Get the resource »


El mundo en tus manos is a news subcription for Novice and Intermediate Spanish students.

A favorite resource of hundreds of Spanish teachers, El mundo en tus manos allows your students to broaden their worldview as they strengthen their language skills. Each issue features five carefully curated news stories that are written at three levels of text complexity, as well as comprehension and discussion activities. Subscribe during the sale »

Flex unit bundles

SOMOS 1 Units 1-5

Our Flex resources provide instruction for virtual, classroom, and hybrid learners.

SOMOS 1 Units 6-10

Each bundle also includes work for asynchronous learners and students without Internet access.

SOMOS 2 Units 1-5

No matter what your instructional needs are this year, Flex bundles provide the support you need.

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