If you are already feeling confident about your language instruction (the why, what, and how of Comprehension-based teaching), but not so sure about assessment, then we have just the thing you need.

Assessment for Acquisition Boot Camp, starting soon!

ASSESSMENT FOR ACQUISITION BOOT CAMP (A-ABC) is a two-week, self-directed learning experience designed to introduce you to the basics of assessment for acquisition based teaching. In this course, Elicia and I will be sharing what we have learned and come to believe about assessment and how to best assess language students given the constraints of typical school policies.

A-ABC will run from September 19, 2021 to October 8, 2021, and registration is now LIVE! This two-week intensive (+ 1 additional week of open forums) is just $99.00. Limited seats are available in the Boot Camp, so register today to secure your spot.

In this course, we will introduce some research about language acquisition, consider how to apply those ideas, and then dig into assessment and standards based grading, focusing on communicative proficiency with an asset-based lens. 

What can I expect from Assessment for Acquisition Boot Camp?

A-ABC will have four components:

  • 10 short, pre-recorded videos. Each video tackles a specific topic related to assessing for acquisition. We release one video per day during the course, but you can watch them anytime after they are released. 
  • A digital workbook and reflection questions to help you to process the information from each video and consider how it applies to YOU.
  • Forums moderated by trained coaches for you to post your guided reflections on each video, ask questions, and get feedback and support.
  • 2 live webinars with course coaches and instructors so that you can ask questions, reflect, and debrief their learning with experienced coaches.

If you are ready to tackle assessment, join us!

Is this the right course for you?

If you have already taken Acquisition Boot Camp (April or June), this may not be a good fit. You will have already seen 80% of the videos in this course, as part of week 4 of ABC.

If you are totally new to Acquisition Driven Instruction, this may not be a good fit. This course will assume that you already understand the why, what, and how of Acquisition Driven Instruction. Instead, look for the next opportunity to enroll in Acquisition Boot Camp!

Questions? Contact info@comprehensibleclassroom.com

CE Credits Available

ABC participants will have the option to earn 1 Continuing Education credit through the University of the Pacific for an additional fee ($62 per credit).

Can I register a group?

Due to the limited number of seats in this Boot Camp, it may or may not be a good fit for your department. Send us an inquiry, and we can work together to determine whether A-ABC or a Private (and custom!) Boot Camp might be a better fit.

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  1. I registered myself this morning successfully for the Assessment for Acquisition Boot Camp. I keep trying to register one of my teachers, Emily Munoz, and it keeps taking me to the Acquisition Boot Camp instead of the Assessment for Acquisition Boot Camp and says Registrtion is closed. Help!

  2. My buildinig coordinator went to register for me but saw there will be sales tax. We cannot use the district’s credit if there will be sales tax. Is there a way to get it tax free?

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