Find hundreds of free resources for your language classes in our Subscriber Library. Since 2010, The Comprehensible Classroom has been sharing ready-to-go, acquisition-focused activities that you can use in your classes. Now, you can access ALL of them in one location!

What materials are available?

In the Administrative Items folder, find this parent letter that you can print and share at Open House this year. It lays out expectations for your proficiency-oriented course!

Everyone loves Smash Doodles, and you can find a set of free templates in the Subscriber Library. Look in the FORMS folder!

All of the free downloads that we shared during Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 are also in the library! Find them in the Whole Class activities folder.

We have bunches of resources in French– in fact, we’ve got a folder full of them! Find resources for the ClipChat Five in the French folder!

Use our index to find lessons

To make the library more user-friendly, we added a table of contents. The table of contents is the LAST file listed in the main page of the library– below all of the folders. Click here to view the table of contents and see what kinds of materials are available for subscribers!

3 replies on “150+ free resources for language teachers

  1. Dommage! l’exemple du matériel en français n’est pas attractif ! a) le texte n’est absolument pas motivant , n’incite en rien à rendre le lecteur actif b) il comporte au moins une grosse faute de français. C’est décevant venant d’une équipe que l’on pensait excellente

    1. Salut Anne Marie! Dommage! I guess our team must not be as excellent as you thought. Good luck finding happiness in your life <3

      1. Savage! (the English version, lol) I for one, can’t thank you enough for the resources you have provided. What a delight to wake up to your email and get juices flowing for the year in language acquicistion. (oops, I made a spelling error. I hope you understood what I meant). Have a great year!

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