When it comes to language teaching, what’s more to love than unlocking success for EVERY learner in your classroom?

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The next TPT Sitewide Sale is February 7-8, 2023, and ALL of The Comprehensible Classroom’s language teaching resources will be on sale. Our products will be marked down 20% from their current pricing, and you can save an additional 5% when you enter the promo code FEBSALE23 at checkout.

Find curriculum you’ll love

The Somos Curriculum® has transformed language classrooms around the world. Its publication began in 2012, and we have made hundreds of updates since then. When you purchase The Somos Curriculum, you get

  • a detailed road map that tells you EXACTLY what you can do in class each day, minute by minute!
  • professional development through the detailed explanations of every activity and the WHY behind them
  • access to support, mentorship, and community to help you implement the curriculum with confidence
  • lifetime updates — no need to repurchase when we change or expand the materials you have purchased.

The Somos Curriculum for Novice and Intermediate Spanish, as well as the Nous sommes Curriculum for French and The Sumus Curriculum for Latin, is on sale February 7-8 for 25% off the current curriculum bundle discount when you use the promo code FEBSALE23 at checkout.

The Somos Flex® Curriculum will also be on sale! Click here to learn more about how the hybrid version of our original curriculum can help you to save time, differentiate, and plan for the unexpected!

Find lessons you’ll love

Not looking to completely overhaul your curriculum? Get a taste of what The Comprehensible Classroom has to offer by snagging one of our standalone, topical lessons for up to 25% off during the sale.

Six favorite songs for Spanish 1

Browse our PRODUCT CATALOG to get a taste for the hundreds of different lesson plans for Spanish classes, French classes, and Latin classes!

Find an EVEN BIGGER discount you’ll love!

El mundo en tus manos is a biweekly news publication for Spanish language learners. More than half of the issues in the 2022-2023 subscription have already been published, and so we are offering a EXTRA discount on the cover price of this invaluable resource.

When you purchase the subscription, you lock in your access to its 100 news stories, 200 printable activities, 300 articles, interactive class activities, authentic resource connections, and slideshows. This news subscription is a treasure trove of content for Spanish classes, especially in Levels 2 through AP.

If you love bringing current events into your classroom and providing your students with relevant reading material that they can understand, El mundo en tus manos is for you.

During the sale, you can purchase the 2022-2023 subscription to El mundo en tus manos for just $65.00. That’s 60% off the cover price of the individual issues! Even better, use the promo code FEBSALE23 at checkout to save an ADDITIONAL 5% at checkout.

  • Read one news article together with your students each day in class.
  • Print the articles and add them to your class library.
  • Allow students to choose 1 of the 5 articles to read and complete the comprehension activity
  • Save for sub plans content!

Find games and activities your students will love!

Language teachers and language learners LOVE our games and activities. Here are some of the top-selling resources from the past few months:

Find timely resources you’ll love!

If you are looking to leverage the natural interest that comes with designated days, weeks, and months, and with holidays, celebrations, The Comprehensible Classroom has resources that can help you to open meaningful conversations with your students.

Check out these resources that are connected to set-apart celebrations in February, March, and April:

Find classroom tools you’ll love!

Not only do we create ready-to-go lesson plans and activities for your language classes, we also create easy-to-implement forms and activity templates that you can reuse over and over OR use to develop customized materials for your language students.

Check out these resources that will be on sale along with everything else in our store!

Shop the sale this week!

All of these materials and more are on sale THIS TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, February 7-8 only. Fill your cart now, and reach out to us with questions!

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