Design assessments that support student success - hacks for writing assessments

Develop assessments that support student success

The outcome of an assessment is never entirely dependent on student competency. There are a bazillion factors that influence student performance on an exam, and truly very few of them give us information about how well the student knows the material. With regard to assessment, it is our responsibility as teachers to limit the influence of those … Continue reading Develop assessments that support student success

End-of-term assessments

I drafted this post before the holidays last year….I guess I got distracted by the Eight Nights of Hanukkah. Better late than never? Bookmark it to review a few months from now as you prep for finals! Along with the holidays come something else that all teachers and students anticipate…end-of-semester assessments!!! While midterms and finals are often viewed as burdensome and … Continue reading End-of-term assessments

Assess and practice the interpersonal mode of communication with these quick activities

Interpersonal Speaking: Activities and assessments

So #langchat tonight was crazy. We celebrated “Throwback Thursday” by using the old “free-for-all” format in which a topic is given at the beginning, but the conversation is not moderated. #langchat has grown significantly, and while I prefer the free-for-all format to the moderator Q – participant A format, it was clear tonight that there … Continue reading Interpersonal Speaking: Activities and assessments

Reading Activity or Reading Assessment?

In a Comprehensible Input classroom that uses Standards Based Assessment, we must format our question-based activities differently based on whether our goal is to provide further repetitions of the text and the structures that it contains (a ‘reading activity’) or to assess whether or not a student comprehended the text. If the goal is to provide … Continue reading Reading Activity or Reading Assessment?

Use a stack of mini-rubrics to grade student speaking assessments on the fly - perfect for any world language class!

Laura Terrill on Assessment

My Cooperative Learning class had an awesome all-day session with Laura Terrill yesterday. It was a bit overwhelming in that she touched on so many different topics–assessment, cooperative learning, course structure, social emotional learning…it was a lot to take in. I was pleasantly surprised because she is not “officially” a CI/TPRS teacher, but almost everything that … Continue reading Laura Terrill on Assessment

10+ different listening assessments for Spanish classes that can be used in any language class!

Listening assessments for language classes

I administer four kinds of summative assessments to my students: Reading comprehension assessments Listening comprehension assessments Presentational writing assessments Presentational speaking assessments (Read here about why I don’t administer summative Interpersonal assessments.) Each quarter, I try to get three or four grades in the book for each of the first three assessment categories. I adopted … Continue reading Listening assessments for language classes

Pobre Ana Chapter 3 Reading Assessment

Here is a reading assessment that I made for Chapter 3 of Pobre Ana that incorporates all four kinds of QAR and some of the specific questions that I learned in my training with Susan Van Zant. If you’d like an editable copy so that you can modify it for the different language versions of the novel, … Continue reading Pobre Ana Chapter 3 Reading Assessment