Leveled readers for language learners Search for novels that have been written with attention to comprehensibility for language learners. The first sheet is for Spanish novels, and other languages are listed on subsequent sheets.

All CI Workshops Mike Peto maintains this map of CI workshops that have been scheduled and announced. Find one near you!

Regional PLCs for Language Teachers Also maintained by Mike Peto, use this database to find a professional learning community in your area (or start one yourself!).

Class library database Use this database to find suggestions for resources to add to your class libraries. Please add links to any and all materials that students could use during free reading (novels, magazine subscriptions, free/for purchase readings, children’s books, etc.). Reading materials are sorted by language using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

MovieTalk database Use this database to find short films, commercials, etc. that you can use for MovieTalk. Includes possible target structures and links to any known resources that have already been created to supplement the MovieTalk activity. Learn more about MovieTalk here.

Target structure database Use this database to get an idea about what structures other teachers are targeting! When possible, links to existing plans to target the given structures are included. Learn more about target structures here.

Authentic resource database Use this database to find ready-to-go activities for authentic resources! (*note: not all lessons provide students with comprehensible input) The first page of the database appears to be empty, but if you look at the bottom of the screen you will see tabs for many different languages. Click on the tab for your language to view the authentic resource activities that have been added! This database is a project of Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell at @musicuentos

Spanish music database compiled by Sharon Birch and updated regularly

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