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Underlying principles

The Comprehensible Classroom designs instructional resources and training experiences for teachers that desire to implement an acquisition-focused model of language instruction.

These blog archive entry points will help you to learn more about the kind of teaching that we champion and the thinking behind it.

Putting it into practice

Teaching for Acquisition can begin with a mindset shift that compels teachers to make major changes in their instruction. It can also begin with experimentation: trying out some of the communicative activities that we have shared over the years and discovering just how fun and effective this way of teaching can be.

No matter what kind of curriculum or instructional methods you use, we are confident that you will find activities from The Comprehensible Classroom that you’ll use forever!


Changes in instruction necessitate changes in assessment. The choices that we make in our evaluation and grading of student progress has a profound, longterm impact on students’ lives, and so it is important that we make our choices with intention.

The Comprehensible Classroom advocates for a Standards-Based model of assessment in which teachers evaluate student performance on interpretive and presentational tasks. Choose an entry point to learn more about our vision for assessment:

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