On this page, you will find a collection of links from other blogs and online sources that I think should be considered “Required Reading” for language teachers. Please feel free to add your own Suggested Reading links in the comments section!

On the use of the target language in the classroom – Laura Sexton, PBL in the TL

On controlling student acquisition of vocabulary – Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell, Mis Musicuentos

On the use of authentic resources – Kristy Placido, kplacido.com

On the use of cooperative learning strategies in a TCI course – Jillane Baros, Jillane Baros Teaching Blog

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  1. Martina,

    I teach Spanish for grades K- 8. K-4 only once a week, 5th-8th twice a week. Do you think TCI would work for K-4 once a week or twice a week for upper grades? Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    1. DEFINITELY! Comprehension based teaching is the most effective way to teach a language, no matter what age or what teaching context! There is an awesome Elementary TCI group on facebook that you can join for support!

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