Is it possible? A board game for post-reading

I've seen a lot of posts recently by teachers that are teaching novels for their classes and feeling like it is not going well. In many ways, teaching a novel as a unit is easy: most publishing companies have provided very complete Teacher's Guides for their novels, and a teacher simply needs to use the resources … Continue reading Is it possible? A board game for post-reading

Volleyball translation

Volleyball translation is a go-to activity for many teachers that have been to TPRS workshops. Essentially, students pair up and take turns reading and translating a text, helping each other when they get stuck on a word. It is an excellent activity for students and the teacher alike to check and confirm students' comprehension of a text, … Continue reading Volleyball translation

Create your own deck of cards based on a reading or other text and turn it into a reading activity!

Play “Go fish!” in language classes

Instead of playing with a deck of cards, play this familiar children’s game with original cards filled with images or text as an opportunity to to get students speaking in low-risk situation even as they continue interacting with a text ('cause it's all about the input, baby!). Before you play Go Fish Prepare students for … Continue reading Play “Go fish!” in language classes