Five Senses Video Notes

I'm always trying to think of new song, story, and video-based activities that I can use that don't require me to prepare a specific worksheet or slide for that resource. Ready-to-go activities are great, because you can make class sets of the worksheet ahead of time and leave them in a file in your cabinet. When you find a resource that … Continue reading Five Senses Video Notes

Christmas activities

Here are a few resources that I have created and used in the past to teach my students about Christmas celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries: My favorite Christmas songs FREE Mexican Christmas traditions reading Readings and activities for typical Christmas traditions...currently, just La Pastorela, El Día de los Inocentes and El Día de los Reyes Magos. … Continue reading Christmas activities

How-To: Use Tweets as authentic reading material

A teacher requested a how-to after using the Twitter-based reading assessment from my Las novias de mi hermano unit. For another example, see #Lomejordeméxicoes. Here you go! Step One: Go to Step Two: If you don't already have an account, create one by choosing a handle (username) and password. Otherwise, just sign in! Step Three: … Continue reading How-To: Use Tweets as authentic reading material