Task or Text: which is best?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about curriculum. Six years ago, I started posting the curriculum units that I had created for my own, personal classroom use so that other teachers could use them, too. At first, I was just posting isolated activities and lesson plan outlines, and I eventually started formatting them and explaining activities … Continue reading Task or Text: which is best?

What to do when they miss class?

Because we know that students acquire language through comprehensible input, finding make-up work for students that miss class that actually helps them to make up what was missed is a HUGE challenge. I'm going to share some things that I have done, and I ask that you would add what you've done in the comments!! The most important … Continue reading What to do when they miss class?

First we learn to listen

I just read Sandy Cutshall's article "Groundbreaking Study from ACTFL Measures Listening and Reading--Expands Understanding of Interpretive Skills" from the most recent issue of The Language Educator. Yes, I know...it's been out for awhile. It takes a minute to get here to Alaska and then there's the fact that I never check my mail...so yes, just reading it … Continue reading First we learn to listen