The today in history activity is a great way to engage students with a critical thinking activity in the target language - originally shared by Justin Slocum Bailey of Indwelling Language

Today in history: engage students with a simple critical thinking activity in the target language

I first heard the idea for “Today in History”; or rather, “NOT Today in History" by reading a blog post from Justin Slocum Bailey on the Indwelling Language blog back in 2014. Click here to read the first post: and here to read the second. Recently, I have been looking for new kinds of ‘puzzles’ that … Continue reading Today in history: engage students with a simple critical thinking activity in the target language

TPRS®/CI and the Common Core

Over the last year, I have received many email requests from teachers, administrators, and conference planners that need to know how TPRS® and other Comprehensible Input strategies meet Common Core standards. Teachers must explain the connections so that they are permitted to use these best practice strategies in their classrooms, administrators seek to know whether … Continue reading TPRS®/CI and the Common Core

REALLY assess reading comprehension

Scott Benedict is the king of assessment, so if you have never before pondered accurate assessment, standards-based assessment, etc., you should probably hop on over to his site, Teach for June, and spend the next few weeks there before you come back and finish reading this post. If you have already reached the conclusion that it … Continue reading REALLY assess reading comprehension

Create a bulletin board bar graph with your students to gather and analyze data through personalized class discussion!

Bulletin Board Bar Graph

A bulletin board bar graph is the perfect tool to bring together data and discussion--and it can be as simple (read: quick) or complicated (read: time-consuming) as you desire to make it. PERSONALIZE YOUR CLASS VOCABULARY LISTS I use bulletin board bar graphs within the framework of Comprehension Based language teaching. One of the reasons … Continue reading Bulletin Board Bar Graph