Paul Toth, Associate Professor at Temple University, joins a conversation about "What is Grammar Instruction?" and its role in the L2 classroom.

What is Grammar Instruction?

What is grammar instruction? What does it do for language acquisition, and what should its role be in a language classroom? These are some of the questions that a group of enthusiastic language teachers tackled on Friday evening at OFLA with Keynote speaker, Paul Toth (read his bio here). Following Carol Gaab's address at the OFLA awards group, … Continue reading What is Grammar Instruction?

Giveaway: Books from Teacher’s Discovery

After four decades of research in the area of second language acquisition, it is clear that language is acquired not from practice (drills), but from consistent and constant exposure to input. Input is indispensable to language acquisition--meaning that language cannot be acquired without it. This idea of the indispensability of input was largely  absent from my language … Continue reading Giveaway: Books from Teacher’s Discovery

Question word posters en français and new additions

Yippee Yay! Dana Wilson emailed me most of the French translations of my Spanish question word posters earlier this week, and Catherine Ousselin (@CatherineKU72) helped me out with a few more! Mercy beau coup! Click on the image to download the file. What else is new for the 2015 school year? Check out these recently … Continue reading Question word posters en français and new additions

Teaching other verb forms – a reading for Spanish 1!

I need to make an FAQ page. Here is one that came through today: ...I was looking at your website and I was curious if you teach the "nosotros" or "ustedes" forms in Spanish 1. If so, is there a certain unit in which you teach it? Thanks! The answer is, "YES, absolutely!" I don't … Continue reading Teaching other verb forms – a reading for Spanish 1!

I’m going on a trip – My favorite game ever!

I am a very bossy person by nature, and unfortunately I didn't realize it until right after I graduated from high school. By the grace of God, I've learned how to tame my nasty natural instincts...although it's not always easy! Being married helps 🙂 I think that this is why the game that I'm about … Continue reading I’m going on a trip – My favorite game ever!

Guajeros and -IR verbs

I promised a reader I'd have these uploaded by the 20th, and by golly I've made the deadline! Use these notes to teach a focused grammar lesson on the present indicative of -IR verbs without departing from culture or comprehensible input. Your students will learn about the guajeros of Guatemala--children that live and/or work in garbage … Continue reading Guajeros and -IR verbs

La madre de Jasón Script

The journey continues...and I am continuing to love it as my students continue to have great success learning new structures and producing grammatically correct past narration! Woohoo! We followed up our focused study of -AR regular preterite verbs, using the "La muchacha y la ardilla" story, with a focused study of -ER and -IR regular … Continue reading La madre de Jasón Script