CCSS Aligned L2 Reading Comprehension Questions

About two months ago, I wrote a post explaining how second language teachers can use the Common Core Anchor Standards for Reading to give depth to their reading assessments and challenge students to think critically in the target language. Read it here. Understandably, some readers were left wondering what an assessment composed of CCSS Aligned questions … Continue reading CCSS Aligned L2 Reading Comprehension Questions

Quick comprehension checks that you can use in language classrooms to ensure that students are picking up what you're putting down

Comprehension Checks

Note: Much of my knowledge about comprehension checks has come from Betsy Paskvan, a Japanese teacher here in Anchorage, AK. Betsy has presented many times on checking for comprehension at state and national language conferences (she'll be at NTPRS this summer), and she often travels to other school districts to offer them professional development on comprehension checks … Continue reading Comprehension Checks

Tips for finding images online that you can use in your documents

With billions of images and other resources available with just a few clicks of your finger, it can be very difficult to use only those images that are licensed in such a way that allows you to use them in class and, for some my readers, for commercial use. It is difficult in two respects: … Continue reading Tips for finding images online that you can use in your documents

How-To: Use Tweets as authentic reading material

A teacher requested a how-to after using the Twitter-based reading assessment from my Las novias de mi hermano unit. For another example, see #Lomejordeméxicoes. Here you go! Step One: Go to Step Two: If you don't already have an account, create one by choosing a handle (username) and password. Otherwise, just sign in! Step Three: … Continue reading How-To: Use Tweets as authentic reading material

Managing Responses

While preparing for the Yup'ik Immersion training last week, I spent a lot of time scouring the internet for elementary TPRS resources and suggestions. Michel Baker's blog and Carol Gaab's article (linked in the YI post) were most helpful. According to their writing, one common obstacle for elementary TPRS teachers is managing student responses during … Continue reading Managing Responses

Teaching Yup’ik Through TPRS

QUESTION: Do you teach a native language or support teachers that do?? Our state language association is looking for ways to better support our Alaska Native language teachers and would love to hear what you are doing that has been successful and what challenges you have faced/are facing! Please leave your thoughts in the comments! Thanks!! --Martina, 01/2016 This past … Continue reading Teaching Yup’ik Through TPRS