What is explicit instruction?

Comprehension Based™ Teaching as Explicit Instruction

Michele Whaley, a Russian teacher at West High School in Anchorage, invited me to her classroom in 2009 to observe a TPRS® lesson. I went in expecting to see a glorified version of Simon Says. What I saw bemused me, and it drove me to park myself in front of my TV for the next … Continue reading Comprehension Based™ Teaching as Explicit Instruction

Learning through Comprehensible Input

For the first time since learning about TPRS® and Comprehensible Input, I am not teaching through CI, but learning through CI. I've of course participated as a student in demonstrations and coaching sessions in languages that I don't know, but I've never "studied" a language for an extended period of time. (I say "studied" with quotation marks because I … Continue reading Learning through Comprehensible Input

Output (writing and speaking) has an important role to play in courses centered on comprehensible input. learn more about its role here!


One common question that I was asked in my sessions at iFLT '14 was, "I thought that our goal is to provide students with comprehensible input...so why do so many of these activities contain output?" Great question! Is output bad? No comprehension based teacher thinks that output is bad. Output is a good thing and one of the end … Continue reading Output

TPRS®/CI and the Common Core

Over the last year, I have received many email requests from teachers, administrators, and conference planners that need to know how TPRS® and other Comprehensible Input strategies meet Common Core standards. Teachers must explain the connections so that they are permitted to use these best practice strategies in their classrooms, administrators seek to know whether … Continue reading TPRS®/CI and the Common Core

Managing Responses

While preparing for the Yup'ik Immersion training last week, I spent a lot of time scouring the internet for elementary TPRS resources and suggestions. Michel Baker's blog and Carol Gaab's article (linked in the YI post) were most helpful. According to their writing, one common obstacle for elementary TPRS teachers is managing student responses during … Continue reading Managing Responses

The Power of a Person

Earlier this week, I was catching up on some blog reading and noticed a pattern...MovieTalk, MovieTalk, MovieTalk! Laurie Clarcq wrote about using MovieTalk with Despereaux on her Embedded Reading blog. Kristin Duncan wrote about using MovieTalk with The Paperman on TPRS Teacher. Bryan Kandel wrote about trying out MovieTalk for the first time with a … Continue reading The Power of a Person