Learning through Comprehensible Input

For the first time since learning about TPRS® and Comprehensible Input, I am not teaching through CI, but learning through CI. I've of course participated as a student in demonstrations and coaching sessions in languages that I don't know, but I've never "studied" a language for an extended period of time. (I say "studied" with quotation marks because I … Continue reading Learning through Comprehensible Input

Fiesta Fatal by Mira Canion – Chapter 1

If you aren't familiar with Mira Canion, you should be! She has written many novels that are available either through TPRS Publishing or on Mira's website. I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Mira at ACTFL last year in Orlando after attending her session, and she is as brilliant as her novels are excellent! (She'll be at … Continue reading Fiesta Fatal by Mira Canion – Chapter 1

Fiesta tours

If you've not yet read this article about how Carrie Toth found inspiration for her novel La Calaca Alegre while on a BrightSpark Fiesta tour, you absolutely must!! The novel is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! I could not put it down while I was lesson planning!!!!