Before/After Cooperative Learning

We had our first Cooperative Learning class meeting last night, and thanks to some high-quality 'Think-Pair-Sharing' with the lovely, hilarious, and supremely talented Ms. Diana Painter, I left with some great ideas about how to use Cooperative Learning structures with TPRS. This was one of her ideas for using the Kagan structure 'Hands-Up, Stand-Up, Pair-Up' … Continue reading Before/After Cooperative Learning

Story Reps

I finally remembered to do the awesome activity that Betsy shared at our last monthly TPRS gathering, and it was incredibly successful! Here are the steps that we completed leading up to the re-tell: We created a class story (one class did ¡Siéntate! and another did ¡Saca el boleto!) I typed an abbreviated (bare bones) … Continue reading Story Reps

QAR is a reading strategy created by Taffy Raphael to help students understand the text better by becoming strategic readers. Learn about the four QAR types and how to teach them to your students and use them in your planning.


Note: I first heard about QAR in a workshop with Carol Gaab during our 2011 AFLA Conference. I began to dig into it and published this post soon thereafter. Imagine my surprise when my principal brought in consultant Susan Van Zant just two weeks after I published it, announcing to the staff that this would … Continue reading QAR