Is it possible? A board game for post-reading

I've seen a lot of posts recently by teachers that are teaching novels for their classes and feeling like it is not going well. In many ways, teaching a novel as a unit is easy: most publishing companies have provided very complete Teacher's Guides for their novels, and a teacher simply needs to use the resources … Continue reading Is it possible? A board game for post-reading

25 reading activities: some that STOP the reading process, others that SLOW the reading process, and others that let you GO and keep reading! Great for language classes.

Traffic Light Activities to keep the reading process novel

When I wrote the Teacher’s Guide for Brandon Brown versus Yucatán, I included a unique during-reading activity for each chapter. I did this because when you are reading a book in one fell swoop and using it as the basis for your class activities for a chunk of several weeks (or longer), you have to … Continue reading Traffic Light Activities to keep the reading process novel

Now what? A during-reading activity

I found this activity several years ago on, and it has been a staple in my during-reading activities rotation. Because novels are an important part of my Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 curricula, we do a lot of reading in class! I'm always on the prowl for new activities that I can use while reading to … Continue reading Now what? A during-reading activity

Comprehensify your textbook readings!

As an Alaskan, PNCFL is my ‘home’ region, but with Minneapolis just a six-hour direct flight from Anchorage, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend this year’s CSCTFL conference. Paired with a day spent observing Susan Block Johnson and an afternoon QAR session, it was the perfect way to spend this past week. I … Continue reading Comprehensify your textbook readings!

Sound Effects AUDITION for Read-Alouds

Katie Sevilla just sent me an email describing an awesome twist that she made to the Sound Effects Read-Aloud activity that I described in this post. Before beginning Chapter 1 of Esperanza, she had her students audition to be the student that provided each of the sound effects during the reading! I love this idea so much! She … Continue reading Sound Effects AUDITION for Read-Alouds

Create your own deck of cards based on a reading or other text and turn it into a reading activity!

Play “Go fish!” in language classes

Instead of playing with a deck of cards, play this familiar children’s game with original cards filled with images or text as an opportunity to to get students speaking in low-risk situation even as they continue interacting with a text ('cause it's all about the input, baby!). Before you play Go Fish Prepare students for … Continue reading Play “Go fish!” in language classes

Literature circles for world languages are a way to get to know a text deeply through multiple readings and activities.

Literature Circles

Waaaaay back when I was a baby language teacher, I attended a writing workshop for world language teachers here in Anchorage. Dr. Amy Wright, then-professor at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks walked us through an awesome application of Literature Circles in the World Language classroom. Her literature circles are very different than the more popular activity … Continue reading Literature Circles