Write and Discuss demo for language classes

"Write and Discuss" is one of the core strategies in a comprehension-based teacher's bag of tricks. It is easy-peasy and adaptable for many uses!  In this post, I'm sharing with you a demo of Write and Discuss along with step-by-step instructions so that you can feel confident making this power-packed strategy your own! An abbreviated version … Continue reading Write and Discuss demo for language classes

Draw 1 2 3 is a simple reading activity that helps students visualize and personalize a text and describe it in their own words

Draw 1-2-3: my new favorite reading comprehension activity!

I recently read about the Draw 1-2-3 activity on the Latin Best Practices blog, and I am obsessed! Bob Patrick shared the idea, and I love that it is very simple and can be used to move students from comprehension to expression with no stress. Here's how you do it! Step 1: Students interpret a … Continue reading Draw 1-2-3: my new favorite reading comprehension activity!

Story frames for free writes

If you've done any number of timed free writes with your students, you have probably identified one or two students that consistently experience "writer's block". You know that they know some language and are certainly capable of writing in the target language on demand, but for distraction or lack of motivation, they turn in papers with … Continue reading Story frames for free writes

Word Race Stories

Generate comprehensible input and provide opportunities for output from a traditional vocabulary-review game that is played with a partner! This activity makes for a great sub plan component, even when your sub doesn't speak the target language. PREPARE THE WORD RACE STORY WORKSHEET To get started, download the game template here! Once you've got the … Continue reading Word Race Stories

I’ve Got a New Way to Write!

Free Writing is common component in TPRS®/CI classrooms. Many teachers do weekly, timed free writes; others are less consistent, but you will be hard pressed to find a trained TPRS®/CI teacher that doesn't use them at all. As with anything, though, we like to keep our students guessing, don't we?! More than that--we need to keep them … Continue reading I’ve Got a New Way to Write!