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4 replies on “Get started

  1. Love every post you have. Thank you so much! I have quick question: some districts want to teacher talking time and student talking time at 20/80, do you have any tips on that?

    1. Well, if they are being super explicit about it–no. But, I would refer them to the definition of student centered instruction that is “Instruction that is focused on what students need, know, and can do”, and in a language class, what they need is input; what they know is topical knowledge about themselves and a variety of subjects; what they can do is interpret spoken and written texts and produce limited words and phrases – not enough to constitute 80% of class time. Nowhere near it! You can also check out ACTFL’s guidelines on facilitating target language use, which further place the emphasis on teacher use of the language, assuming that students will be speaking little. https://www.actfl.org/resources/guiding-principles-language-learning/target-language

  2. Thanks for posting so many interesting artcles, Martina. EFL teachers in Brazil also benefit from your work. Just a quick question… I’ll cite one of your articles in an cademic work and I haven’t found the city where your work comes from so that I can include it. Can you help me, please? Thanks in advance.

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